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  1. alex1fly


    I've been playing for 20 years and have always been "pretty good". But the SE Custom 24 I picked up last year has really elevated my playing. I'm flying all over the fretboard, playing stuff I've only dreamed of, and writing music like crazy because the instrument is no longer in my way. The...
  2. alex1fly

    Swap 85/15?

    Anybody replace their 85/15 pickups? I love the neck sound, not crazy about the bridge. Also considering trying some different magnets in the bridge pickup.
  3. alex1fly

    Anybody Swap 85/15 for Duncan JB?

    Title says it all. Has anybody done this? Curious to hear what it did for your sound, and how it affected your playing. I know the 85/15 is more of a full-frequency pickup (more lows, highs, etc), and the JB has a bump in the upper mids. The JB is a recognizable lead tone, but the 85/15 is no...
  4. alex1fly

    Magnet swaps

    Apologies if this has been discussed, but I did some searches and didn't find much information. Anybody ever swap magnets on 85/15 or Santana pickups? If so, what'd you like about the switch and did you keep it or swap back to the original magnet?
  5. alex1fly

    Issue with 3-way blade switch

    I'm having some trouble with my 3 way blade switch on the SE Custom. The middle position, which should have both pickups on, is only amplifying the bridge pickup. In order to get both pickups on, I have to sort of "wedge" the pickup selector between the middle position and the neck position, and...
  6. alex1fly

    What's the deal with "S" pickups?

    Anybody have insight on what these pickups are all about? I have two Santana SEs right now, and the one with "Santana" pickups (as shown on the baseplate stickers) sounds MILES better than the one with "245" pickups. Classic, huge, sweet, responsive, good cleans, killer dirt, subtle nuances, all...
  7. alex1fly

    SE Starla vs SE Custom

    I have a SE Custom that probably isn't going anywhere, and it appears that I'm beginning to work my way through the SE offerings with the Wide/Fat neck. The SE Starla seems a little less talked about than some others. But I'm falling for the colors - surf green, covered pups. How do the Custom...
  8. alex1fly

    Fret height vs string gauge

    Does anyone prefer larger gauge for larger/taller frets, or vice versa? I'm finding that my tall-fretted guitars tend to need a lighter touch as the strings can go further out of tune, so I've combated this by increasing the string gauge on those guitars. On the flip side, short-fretted guitars...
  9. alex1fly

    Diagnose a nut

    Would you all mind lending experienced eyes on this nut? I picked up this Santana SE off of Reverb last month - 2015 model, seller said he bought it new and barely played it. The high E and B strings sound choked, and those nut slots look a little off to me, like the strings gouged their way...
  10. alex1fly

    Humbucker sized P90 recommendations

    I'm sure this has been discussed at length, but search didn't bring anything back so I'm making a post. I'm curious about trying a humbucker sized P 90 (or two) in an all-mahogany Santana SE. I haven't done pickup swaps in several years so I'm looking for a little guidance in hopes of having a...
  11. alex1fly

    Comparing two Santana SEs - 2010 & 2015

    Thought this might be of interest to some folks. I picked up two PRS Santana SEs this month with the intention of squaring them off against each other and picking one to keep. There are some interesting differences that I wasn't expecting, and it's brought up some questions about construction...
  12. alex1fly

    Tone knob issue - needs replacing?

    Hi all, just picked up another used SE (Santana) and the tone knob is acting funny. It's dark at zero, brings in the highs as expected when the is turned towards 10, and then when it hits ten the tone gets dark again immediately. Almost like a no-load pot except backwards... a full-load tone...
  13. alex1fly

    Guitar Adventure/Another [email protected] tonewood post

    Hate to rehash age old debates, but couldn't find an answer - do tonewoods affect unplugged tone? I know there's a variety of perspectives on amplified tone and different woods, that there are many other aspects to tone, etc. But I haven't found any specific dialogue on unplugged\acoustic sound...
  14. alex1fly

    Low volume distortion\overdrive suggestions?

    After 19 years of mostly playing with clean tones I'm trying to venture in to the wide world of distorted tones, and hoping for gear recommendations that sound good at low and high volumes. With my setup (multi fx into a clean high headroom amp), my distorted tones sound like digital garbage no...
  15. alex1fly

    Band rehearsal during Covid?

    Is anyone still doing band rehearsals during the pandemic? If so, do you have strategies for minimizing the risk of being in a small space with several other people for hours? Is ventilation, masks, distance, etc feasible in your rehearsal setup? I've got the itch bad to get back in there after...
  16. alex1fly

    Coil Split/Tap a Santana SE?

    Apologies if this has been discussed, but I could not find much beyond one person confirming that their 2017 SE Santana had 4-conductor wiring. So... Can Santana SEs be set up for coil split/tap? If yes, is it only certain model years? If yes, is it as simple as replacing the tone pot with a...
  17. alex1fly

    Vendors that list guitar weight

    Do any online vendors list weights of their guitars? Sweetwater does, just wondering if anyone knows others that do this. Thanks, Alex
  18. alex1fly

    Do you sound like you, no matter what you play?

    People talk about the greats sounding like themselves on any guitar. I'm not a great, but I think I do too. I played a single HSS Strat nearly exclusively for 18 years. Picked up a Gibson SG this spring. The guitar had a totally different sound than what I was used to. I put the biggest...
  19. alex1fly

    Sustainer/sustainiac pickup mod

    Has anyone added a sustainer or sustainiac type of system to one of their PRS? I'm eyeballing them as a mod and looking at options. I've watched some installation videos so I'm familiar with what it entails, more just curious if anyone has put one in a PRS specifically and would share their...
  20. alex1fly

    Return Guitar to Sweetwater?

    Does anyone have experience returning a guitar to Sweetwater? I'm looking to return a new Charvel to them and I know they have a great return policy, so I'm wondering mostly about the shipping methods and costs. My receipt from them shows $15 of "free shipping", so I know I'll forfeit the $15...