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  1. alexanderraimo

    Able to change username?

    Hey everyone, I wasn't sure where to post this, and I didn't see any options under the account settings. Is there a way to change my username on this forum?
  2. alexanderraimo

    Exotic top SEs in Europe

    So I saw a link to this come up on my Facebook newsfeed. An Ebony Tremonti SE sounds very tempting.
  3. alexanderraimo

    OPINION? At what point does an artist's instrument increase in value

    So I know typically we don't really talk about an instrument's value on here because there's many factors in the used market that affect that. However, I'm more curious on everyone's opinion on this matter. Someone is selling a very beat up (it was used on several tours) PRS that was used by...
  4. alexanderraimo

    I've never had anything fixed by the PTC...

    ...but I've heard a lot of great stories about instruments they've repaired. Does anyone else think this listing is a little off? It says the neck was fixed by PRS, but judging by what I've heard, and looking...
  5. alexanderraimo

    Pickup covers

    Hello all, As some of you may recall, I picked up a violet singlecut with black and gold hardware last month. Picture below to jog your memories. I want to replace the pickups with Tremontis. I never did a pickup swap on a guitar that had covers on it, so bare with me if this seems like a...
  6. alexanderraimo

    NGD (just ordered my first core model)

    ...well, it'll be NGD in a couple weeks when it actually gets delivered. I found a used singlecut in the finish I've wanted for a while... a quilted maple purple. And it's a 10 top. Here's the pictures I have from the seller, I'll post more pictures once it's actually in my hands.
  7. alexanderraimo

    Nut files

    Hello all... As I get more and more into setting up my own guitars, I'd like to address the issues I have with the strings not sitting in the grooves of the nuts correctly on my drop tuned guitars. What's a good, affordable set of nut files preferably with different gauges?
  8. alexanderraimo

    NGD!! (and new amp...)

    Okay, so it isn't exactly today - this is more-so my purchases from the past two weeks. First it started with finding a real good price online on a Archon 100/50w head that included a Kent road case. Then I decided to pick up the PRS 4x12 stealth cab and a Mark Holcomb SE on my Sweetwater card...
  9. alexanderraimo

    Is this possible or do I need to consider Private Stock?

    Is it possible within the core line to get a Hollybody II with a quilted violet finish instead of a flame finish? Or would I have to look at getting a private stock for that?
  10. alexanderraimo

    PRS Chris Robertson SE

    So apparently this is soon to be a thing... a Chris Robertson (Black Stone Cherry) signature model. UK only limited run from what I heard. Zach Myers of Shinedown posted about it on his social medias.
  11. alexanderraimo

    New Skillet single

    Skillet released their first single this past Friday from their new album coming out August 5! It's a pretty catchy track. Nothing super incredible with the guitar work but sometimes I think keeping it simple works.
  12. alexanderraimo

    Things guitar center employees say

    Has anyone seen this video yet? I laughed out loud at 2:16.
  13. alexanderraimo

    Can the PTC change the colors of a guitar?

    I don't know much about painting a guitar, so forgive me if this seems like a dumb question but, can the PTC strip down a guitar and re-paint/stain it with a different color? I noticed one of Zach Myers' signature SEs that he uses live is a faded jean blue, but the sides, back, and neck still...
  14. alexanderraimo

    NGD!! Got my S2 last night!

    Came home from work last night to a box from Sweetwater! It's the S2 singlecut semi-hollow in Scarlet Red. The pictures do not do the color justice, the finish stands out a lot more in person! Also, this is my first American PRS, so it's cool having the Paul Reed Smith signature logo on the...
  15. alexanderraimo

    It's going to be NGD for me real soon...

    About to pull the trigger on my first American PRS. Looking at putting a PRS S2 singlecut semi-hollow on my new Sweetwater credit card. 0% financing is too good of a deal to pass up right now, and I want to build my credit a little more over the next couple years.
  16. alexanderraimo

    PRS stoptail intonation

    So, I'm looking at getting an S2 singlecut, which comes with the PRS stoptail bridge. It doesn't look like each string is adjustable, so I'm curious as to how I can get proper intonation on each string when I set it up, or is it not possible? If it's not possible, is it possible to swap to the...
  17. alexanderraimo

    PRS Cases

    So with every other guitar I own, I have a hardshell case from the manufacturer. I wanted to do the same with my PRS's, but it looks like the PRS case says it does not fit the SE and S2 lines. I have the two older ZMs (solid body) and the two newer ZMs (semi-hollow), and I am planning on...
  18. alexanderraimo

    SE 245 pickups vs. older ZM pickups

    So, as mentioned in other threads, I have the newer semi-hollow ZMs with SE 245 pickups, as well as the older two ZM models. I like the SE245 pickups in the semi-hollows, and I have the opportunity to get a set from a friend. The older ZM specs just say "PRS-designed neck/bridge pickup."...
  19. alexanderraimo


    So I got my email with the signature club details, and on the bottom of the email, under Connect With Us, there's a link to Link doesn't seem to work though. Anyone know what that is?
  20. alexanderraimo

    Did your ZM come with a PRS truss rod cover?

    Like the title says, did your Zach Myers SE come with the PRS logo truss rod cover? Neither of mine did but some pictures I see online show it and others don't. Is there a reason for this or do a lot of people just choose to buy one and swap it?