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  1. bigcraigie_1

    Outer Coils and Inner Coils... courious

    So I'm thinking about dropping a 5 way super switch into my SE Custom which currently has 2 Seymour Duncan's in it. One wiring option I looked at had the two outer coils split for position 2 and the two inner coils split in position 4 of the switch. I'm curious to know if there is much of a...
  2. bigcraigie_1

    Wiring help needed.

    My SE Custom recenty developed a fault with the 3-way blade switch, so having bought a replacement, I also bought new CTS pots to replace the stock ones. I have a set of Seymour Duncans (Custom + Jazz) and followed the wiring diagram from their website. All is good with the humbuckers however...