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  1. 12manD

    Chrome Silver Sky Superbowl half time show

    Sorry no pics but there is a complete chrome silver sky being rocked out on the Superbowl Half time show!
  2. 12manD


    Well day after, this showed up yesterday afternoon. So far so great! Definitely a different beast than the Tremontis are but still great. I'm honestly very surprised by how full and warm this sounds. I had a custom 24 for about a week last year and remembered it as way brighter, maybe just...
  3. 12manD

    Honest question Artist Series 2

    Hey all, so I have a question here. A local shop has just got in a Artist series 2 hardtail in and it looks amazing. My question is with all the improvements PRS(per PRSh) has made in the 15 years since this instrument was made, would a core model today be better or the same as far as...
  4. 12manD

    Ahh the Single Life

    Well the Singlecut Life!! Spending the morning with Jayne M., Annie E. and Elaine B. Happy Saturday Everyone!! w
  5. 12manD

    Core Special Semi Hollow

    Happy Monday everyone... what better way to start the week then dreaming of another PRS to add to the stable! Does anyone know when Core Special Semi Hollows are expected to be hitting stores? I have one on pre-order and am super excited to get the notice its instock but I am thinking it could...
  6. 12manD

    Mourning Stolen Gear

    Well guys I guess it's my turn has come. I play for a local church here in my area. As a bit of a metal head I run a PRS Tremonti through a Krank Krankenstein half stack. Yesterday morning somebody kicked in the window behind my amp and stole my Krankenstein head, a dunlop wylde wah, Tc hall...
  7. 12manD

    Tremonti Signature Pivotal?

    OK so I will make no apologies the Tremonti signature model is my favorite guitar PRS makes. However I do feel I need to own one of every model to make sure this statement it is true ;) But I was wondering was the design of the Tremonti model pivotal to helping make PRS what it is today? Would...
  8. 12manD

    Why the buzz

    Hey everyone just looking for opinions. I have my core Tremonti setup with action set at 12th fret at 4/64 on the bass side and 3/64 on the treble side with a almost completely straight neck, maybe .003 or .004 relief and get no open string buzz even if I really lay into the string. I also have...
  9. 12manD

    NTD-New Tremonti Day

    Well its official, a new member of the family has landed! I have been dreaming of a Charcoal top Natural back Tremonti for some time now. Now it's no longer a dream! I am very thankful and realize I am very blessed to have been able to afford this beautiful of a guitar. 19 year old me said "I...
  10. 12manD

    Incoming NGD!

    Hey Everyone, I'm new around here but I have to say I am loving it so far! I have this beauty coming in hopefully by the end of next week and I cant wait. It will be the second PRS of the collection. She is a 2019 Custom 24 10 top great deal just about 60% of the list price and not a scratch on...
  11. 12manD

    Charcoal Help

    Hello everyone. I am looking for some help, I am going to be ordering a Tremonti in Charcoal here soon but notice the color varies pretty drastically in pictures online. Does the color lean more towards light grey and black or more towards tan and black? The stick pictures on Sweetwater are what...