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  1. aamefford

    PRS Rechargeable Clip-On Headstock Tuner - just doesn't keep charge

    I’ve had excellent luck with my TC Polytune clip on. Not rechargeable though. Fits my SE Custom 22 headstock fine jus adjacent to the low E string. Not a super tuner friendly headstock…
  2. aamefford

    This has been my "go to" guitar/amp as of late... what's yours?

    SE Custom 22 and a Mesa Boogie MkV 25. Or a pod go and Kali studio monitors when I’m lazy or rushed, which is 90% of the time…
  3. aamefford

    PRS SE Standard Nut and Hardware Questions

    I had the same issue as the OP. I used D’Addario friction remover on the nut and I tried to work some in at the 6 trem pivots. It worked great. That said, I think I paid $10 or $15 for 15 or so grams of Vaseline. It is a bit messy, and there may be better products out there. That said, several...
  4. aamefford

    What is your favorite amp?

    Boogie MkV25
  5. aamefford

    Private Stock Friday

    Definitely post 13,662 above. Amazing.
  6. aamefford

    New Tremonti Album

    I just ran across this. My daughter has Down Syndrome, and the NDSS feed is on my Facebook page. That’s how I found it. Very cool what Mr. Tremonti did, and oddly nice to know he’s part of the family. I saw a reference above about “horrible disease”. Just some well intentioned comments...
  7. aamefford

    New M1 Lappletop

    Thanks. Oddly in my post above, “USB C” came out subculture. Autocorrect is funny…
  8. aamefford

    New M1 Lappletop

    Most of my cables come from Amazon or monoprice. Still, I get the sentiment. I’ve drunk the coolaide, er, Apple cider. I’m usually good with the infrastructure.
  9. aamefford

    New M1 Lappletop

    Nice laptop. I echo the above regarding connectors - adapter cables, usb c to usb a or b cables. Mine is the last MB 16 with intel chips, 4 subculture / thunderbolt connectors. Slight derail question - for a Mac guy, is Logic the best choice for a DAW? I’ll do personal guitar recording...
  10. aamefford

    Triumph, 1983, the Us Festival

    Great video. “Never Surrender” album, prologue maybe? “Queue house lights to black in 3, 2, 1,” the sound of shattering glass, and then the thickest, fattest power chords. 40 some years later, and I still hear that in my head all the time… of course I do check back in with the album occasionally.
  11. aamefford

    What do you take to make your PRS sing!?

    Pod Go and a Mesa Boogie mkv 25. By themselves or together via 4cm. 4cm is kinda fun so far, but a pain in the arse to hook up. Yes, I’m lazy…
  12. aamefford

    NGD! I guess I'm official now...

    Ahhh, lovely. SE’s are a great mix of a beautiful, playable guitar for sensible money. I have a solid body custom 22 SE, so definitely only SE love from me!
  13. aamefford

    The Elegance Of Tube Amplification.

    Les, perfect sentiment from a listing perspective. Our youths overlapped, but you grew out of yours a bit before I did. As for “playing” I’ve only just started. A pod go (baby modeler) and a Mesa mkv25 combo (baby tube amp). Sometimes I use them together, sometimes I don’t. Both are very fun...
  14. aamefford

    Do I go Modeler or Not

    I moved from an extremely unnatural 15 year obsession with headphone gear to photography and guitars. I built a decent mirrorless system and bought a guitar, a little Mesa Boogie and a pod go and a couple other things with proceeds from the headphone gear sell off. Clearly, clearly a gear issue...
  15. aamefford

    Do I go Modeler or Not

    Possibly ditto of @DreamTheaterRules on the PS. It could serve as an attenuator for my little Mesa, and as an amp for my Pod Go…. @DreamTheaterRules first though, he’s been around way longer, he was first, and I really need to spend way more time practicing and learning, and way less time...
  16. aamefford

    My band story

    Cool story. I did sound and lights a good 40 years ago. I like band stories.
  17. aamefford

    I LOVE it when things work out!!!

    I was sitting here with a big, happy smile for you through most of this thread @Aahzz . I guess I still am for the great first session. Best with your search.
  18. aamefford

    So what's your recording chain?

    Cool thread. @DreamTheaterRules , I’ve enjoyed reading of your efforts. My daughter has a video production class in high school. We have shot videos on her phone, and used a web based site/program/whatever called WeVideo to do the editing during the COVID-19 shutdown/learn via zoom 2020-2021...
  19. aamefford

    EF86/EL84-based 18W Prototype Amp

    Cool amp, cool gesture !
  20. aamefford

    GASing for a Mesa Boogie Mark v

    I would guess “yes”.