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  1. Mr-M

    New Owner

    Thanks for the welcomes!
  2. Mr-M

    Your Dream Car

    For the past 2 new vehicles, I purchased my dream MUSCLE vehicles at that time. Here is my latest! 2011 SRT 8 Dodge Challenger
  3. Mr-M

    New Owner

    I would like to say the PRS out of the box had great action with no fret buzz. I am enjoying the heck out it!
  4. Mr-M

    New Owner

    Hey Everyone! I am a new PRS SE owner (Tremonti edition in black) and wanted to say I think this guitar is outstanding for it's sound and fit *n* finish. I am a newbie at playing the guitar so excuse any goofy questions I may as I will do my best at researching before asking! I am glad to be...
  5. Mr-M

    What Type of Pick do You Use?

    I am new to playing the guitar so my choice may change in the future but for now, I love using the Dunlop Max Grip .88