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    McCarty wiring question/thought?

    "right leg" = bridge pickup hot? From the bridge pickup hot selector, to the tone control, not coming off the volume control at all. Doh! :) thanks!
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    McCarty wiring question/thought?

    So, what changes would need to be made to standard McCarty wiring such that the tone control only affected the bridge pickup? Happy to have no tone control on the neck pickup, just the bridge... and I'm looking at the guitar, and thinking it should be obvious... ... but it's not coming to me...
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    Rep Sample?

    Hey all, Recently looked in the bridge pickup cavity of a new to me SC245, and written on the top of the MODCAT sticker is "Rep Sample" [I've tried to insert a pic, but to no avail] I emailed PRS, and they said "Rep sample would just indicate a guitar that was given to one of our sales reps...
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    Anyone try a rotary switch in a 24.5" scale guitar?

    The resistors are actually added to push pull pot, so I think the 3 wires are fine. Take a look at the DGT wiring diagram Won't get you the single coils in parallel sound, though, sorry!
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    Anyone try a rotary switch in a 24.5" scale guitar?

    Does your SC245 have the resistors on the coil splits, a la the DGT? If not, give that a whirl, might just make the coil splits usable enough!
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    Let's talk about Beer, man!

    oh, man, where to start? Shawn, Shiner Bock is available on draft around MD... and goes stunningly well well BBQ :) Mu current summer beer is Augustiner Brau Munchen... or Reissdorf Kolsch. Looking forward to this year's Oktoberfests - last year's weihenstephaner was disappointing, although...
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    Mini Pedal Madness!!!

    Young Pedals ADM-600 http://www.youngpedals.com/images/admimage1.jpg And check out Berg's demo... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suLzce35kBo
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    Those with 5708's and 5909's...

    I've got a 57/08 in the bridge of my McCarty, and a 59/09 in the neck. The "warmer, rounder" in the bridge, the "clearer, brighter" in the neck balances out very nicely. The coil-split tones hold their own against a DGT. (Martysnarf and I got together, did some A/B comparisions.) I'd recommend...