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    CE 24 purchase ??'s

    No price talk really.....but you can't go wrong with a used CE. Check out the older models.....my '96 CE24 is pretty much my go to guitar for everything. No birds.....but it just has a tone that translates so well!
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    How to DIY a Home Studio

    Only two in that room? Man....not enough!! Hahaha..... As part of my day job, I design and implement WAN networks. Every possible network device location gets at least two drops. If two are known to be needed, then it will be four. I do not like having random switches in the field unless...
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    Robben Ford: which PRS is this? McCarty?

    I'm thinking a non 594 McCarty as well.
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    How to DIY a Home Studio

    Nice! I really have enjoyed watching this project develop. I would have added more network drops though!
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    PRS amp for creamy blues

    I have 2 H combos....EL34s. The Cs have 6L6s. I have not played on a C so can't compare. Either one can get that fat and creamy tone. Did these amps a lot....
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    Lowe’s Business Model

    Not quite. By day my job title is Electrical Engineer. However, my formal college education is in Business Administration....majored in Marketing with a minor in Accounting. I have had to create P&L sheets many times for projects at work and I've worked with different departments (such as...
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    Lowe’s Business Model

    This actually makes sense. They are going to write off that 4 dollar "loss". They also get to write off the cost to produce the card and mail it to you. At the same time, they maintain a customer and a sale.
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    Had to say goodbye......

    I'm sorry to read this man. We also went through this today.....rough times.
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    Off-Topic: What to Do with Your Stimulus?

    I hear you. Mine is being discounted because we made too much. Great income in Iowa....not so great in NYC or LA. But we are still getting a check....eventually. Id build up another AR as well. But this would be a mid length. I built one for my sone a few months ago and loved how it handle...
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    How to get the value range of this PRS.

    Just to add, rust/corrosion on screws heads and such are to be expected considering the age and what this guitar has gone through. It's obvious that this guitar has been well played and loved. It's a player and it shows. On the back of the tuners, do they say "Made in W. Germany"? Per forum...
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    How to get the value range of this PRS.

    Looking at the pics, that is a Custom 24 with birds. Not sure of the color name. 5 way rotary pickup selector, tone, and volume controls. Most likely has VB/HFS pickups. Phase 1 locking tuners came stock on these. The reason why the high E is not locking is because the wing locking mechanism...
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    How to get the value range of this PRS.

    Lochness Monster said - "Hows 'bout tree fity"? Pics are needed to to see what it is. What hosting sites have you used? Edit - right click on the link and open in a new window/tab. You can see the pics.
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    Old School PRS CE22 (core) appreciated!

    2008 is "classic"? Haha.... I dig on my '96 CE24 a lot. Great guitar and incredibly versatile. There's just a "magic" about it that I keep gravitating back to.
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    SE electric guitars now come equipped with graphite nuts?

    I have a pair.....Good stuff. I like to use them as much as my wife allows me to :-)
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    Looks like I am out of work or the time being

    Boo! This is why state governments shouldn't be running businesses like that!
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    Looks like I am out of work or the time being

    Well, they can't stop you and a "friend" from going in your own business.
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    1. What’s your given name? Brandon Miller 2. Where do you live? The Mighty Mighty Bettendorf IA 3. What’s your occupation? Electrical Engineer by trade. A businessman by education. Currently working in the telecom department of a utility company. Dig it! 4. What one thing would you...
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    NGD! CE24

    Awesome! As for the dog, I have a cat like that! He's a Maine Coon and follows me everywhere. Big cat. Plays catch, wants my attention, and then ignores me. He sleeps on the floor between me and the amp when I play. And takes up the foot of the bed at night. The other cats love my wife....but...
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    NGD...Very Soon!

    Congrats! I happened to get a WL DGT as my mid life crisis birthday gift. Awesome guitars!!! You will love it!
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    First post...Strat to PRS

    That's the cool thing about where you are now - you don't know what you like or prefer. I was the same way back in my first years. I just played whatever I could get my hands on. It helped me a lot as I can switch between my CU24 or CE24 to my McCarty or DGT with ease. And then there's the...