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    Antique white on new s2 thinline

    I have a SE Singlecut in antique white. I‘M pretty sure it’s a 2011. First PRS I owned. Bought it used with Seymour Duncan PU’s, in perfect condition for $200. One of the Best Buy’s I ever made. I love the color. The only thing I don’t like about it is the neck feels sticky (typical poly...
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    Wood Covers/Pickup Rings

    I like the stuff I see at crazy parts. Their ordering is very confusing. Do the back plate covers come in sets of both cover? They only picture the control covers (not the trem covers)? the site is not laid out very user friendly, there is a lot of stuff there I’d like to order, but it’s not...
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    Wood Covers/Pickup Rings

    Hi everyone, been lurking for a while now and signed up today. Anyway, I’m looking for full sets of wood covers/pickup rings for a Core 24 Custom or Core McCartey Singlecut. Anywhoo, not a whole lot of luck looking on my own, Tone Ninja and Guilford look somewhat promising but I thought I’d...