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    PRS SE Custom 24 Pickup Upgrade

    I have recently received my guitar in a trade, and it came with a Seymour Duncan Distortion pickup in the bridge which i'm not keen on, so looking for pickups that will provide clarity and good sustain. The type of music I play varies from Americana country rock to Blues and R&B.
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    I am looking to replace the pickups in my 2014 SE Custom 24. Any suggestions pse?
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    Seymour Duncan for SE Custom 24

    Would Seymour Duncan 35th Anniversary SH4 and SH2 Pickups be suitable for the SE Custom 24?
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    F Spaced Pickups

    Will F spaced pickups such as Dimarzio DP244/DP245 fit my PRS SE Custom 24?
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    PRS SE Custom 24 Pickup Upgrade

    Thanks for the reply. I am looking at both Dimarzio Bareknuckes and Seymour Duncan. There is a price difference but I suppose thats reflected in the qualiity. I'm leaning more at the moment to the Seymours SH4 and SH2. Would these fit by Custom SE 24 and are they easy to fit?
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    strap locks

    I have Marvel Lock Straps which are great. The screw is the same length, width and thread as the the PRS stock button, and if I wanted to I could, if I wanted to, go back to the PRS buttons with no problem. I have looked at many reviews and would suggest you go with Marvels.
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    PRS SE Custom 24 Pickup Upgrade

    Thanks for the reply, I'll go to the site
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    PRS SE Custom 24 Pickup Upgrade

    I like the stock pups, but I would like a more rock tone for the bridge and a sharper tone, more clean for the neck. My budget would be around £100.
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    SE Custom 24 + Planet Waves locking tuners

    I would go for Schallers. They are a direct slot in, no drilling and you can use the PRS screws.
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    PRS SE Custom 24 Pickup Upgrade

    I am thinking about upgrading the pups on my SE Custom 24. I have looked at several, but the choice is endless. Can anyone help?
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    PRS vs PRS SE

    Thanks you for the reply. I played pro in the 60's and my last guitar which I sold when I started a working career was a 69 Goldtop Les paul. I started playing again after retiring (now playing an an R&B band) but unfortunately couldn't afford to go for the PRS hence the thread. If I am lucky...
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    PRS vs PRS SE

    I own a PRS SE Custom 24 which I bought 6 months ago. I havev not tried the Custom 24, but I am very please with the looks, action and sound of my guitar. I play it through a Blackstar HT 60 Stage amp and several pedals. The sound is awesome, and I wonder if the difference in price, approx £2000...