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    straight out of Zig Ziglar?
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    Do any of you guys simply gravitate to 22 fret guitars??

    22 frets for me. I don't have a PRS yet. I tried and returned an SE Paul's guitar; couldn't bond with the neck.
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    Where did you find one?
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    My new PRS DGT SE

    How/where did you get that. All I see everywhere is preorder.....
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    SE Custom 22 Solid body not on PRS product page

    Considered the S-2 Standard 22, but looking for that maple cap. Thanks!
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    SE Custom 22 Solid body not on PRS product page

    I've since decided to pass on the SE CU 22 Semi-hollow as well. My guitars are an American Standard Strat (1990's) and Epiphone Cornet (1960's).
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    SE Custom 22 Solid body not on PRS product page

    I appreciate your reply, but I'm just looking at an SE. Thanks.
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    SE Custom 22 Solid body not on PRS product page

    That's likely the case. That is all I want, a 22 fret SE with a maple cap/veneer on top and something other than a wide-fat neck. Micro switches wold be a real plus, not in the product mix. The company has quite enough SE 24 fret and/or wide-fat neck profiles. I think the only thing they have...
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    Thoughts on the SE Paul's Guitar

    Really good guitar, but not a fan of the wide-fat neck. Just one man's opinion but PRS has quite enough wide-fat neck guitars. I'm an SE buyer, maybe an S2. An SE Paul's with a different neck would be an easy purchase.
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    SE Custom 22 Solid body not on PRS product page

    another 22 fret guitar bites the dust I guess. I knew the S2 CU 22 was discontinued. Maybe the SE at the same time. I just now noticed. But the semi-hollow is still there...
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    SE Custom 22 Solid body not on PRS product page

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    What is your next PRS and why?

    I'd like an SE Pauls's guitar (preferably fire red - impossible to find) with the flame nicely lined up and a stained back where you can't tell how many pieces of wood were used. Fire red must have been extremely popular because they rarely show up used.
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    John Mayer SE

    I like those colors as well.
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    How do you fight the urge to quit playing?

    I've stopped a number of times, but each time I came back to playing I learned some new things. My biggest enemy is practice discipline (and the small inventory of songs that I know, which is embarrassing). Now I'm trying to practice or play 15 minutes a day and that makes things easier. I get...
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    PRS SE Paul's Guitars

    That's great!
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    Sonzera 20 Noise-Hiss?

    I have another brand of tube amp, begins with an F. It hisses as well. In fact, when I first got it, I could hear radio coming through the amp. I did some research. I had it plugged into an outlet on an outside wall that was also close to a cable TV outlet. I moved it to an inner wall and it was...
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    PRS SE Paul's Guitars

    Yeah, they had one Saturday night, thought I'd sleep on it. It was gone in in the morning. Kicking myself.
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    PRS SE Paul's Guitars

    What color?
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    New SE, pitch goes way higher everytime using tremolo arm for G and B strings

    I've used Gorgomyte, does a good job! Just ordered another!