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    All about bicycles

    Some downhill riding. Highland Bike Park. Not really the best thing for guitar playing, but I am an adrenalin junky.
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    What would you consider a "fair price" for this PRS?

    That thing is shredded!! Who knows if it plays in tune. I might for $500 and attempt to recondition as a beater.
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    NPD: Wampler Gearbox

    If it's wampler, it kicks ass.
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    When is a “Wood Library” not a Wood Library?

    I have an artist package on my 2020 594 Hollowbody but I don't think there is any way of even knowing unless you contact PRS with the serial number.
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    SC 245 vs 250, vs 594

    Didn't want to start a whole new thread..... What is the deal with SC245's? Did the 594 McCarty kind of replace/update the 245? I have a 594 Hollowbody and am looking at a SC245 as a backup. The SC245's seem to be priced lower on the used market. I'm looking at a 2016 FWIW. How many times...
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    Apprehensive on buying a tube amp

    I was looking for a tube amp recently to compliment my Laney Lionheart but ended up with a Fractal FX3. Man this thing is epic. Best decision ever. Check out the FM3 if you want to stay in your price range. The amount of amp tones is staggering. I was originally going to buy a Dr Z ZLux or...
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    So what’s NEW for PRS IN 2021? Just curious!!!

    It's actually going to be the Killer P
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    Best lockdown purchase

    Whelp. I just officially made this the best guitar year of my life! On top of my McCarty pictured above, my wonderful wife allowed this craigslist miracle to happen. I feel very blessed. Fractal in the house!
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    Best lockdown purchase

    Definitely this beauty!!
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    All about bicycles

    I'm either looking at bikes or instruments. Here are my babies. 2018 Pivot Mach 4 Carbon for XC and a 2020 Santa Cruz Megatower for shredding the gnarly downhills.
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    Never seen this PRS look.

    That's a stunner!! Literally looks like liquid.
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    Enjoying a new guitar - dilemma

    Many of the greatest artists are insanely passionate which often puts them at odds with the rest of the world. However, bad business is bad business.
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    NGD - First Core / Korina Kontent

    I have 2007 McCarty Korina w/brazzy fingerboard. It's an epic guitar. Enjoy!
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    Say you are banished to a desert island and...

    - Xotic Oz Noy ACRC Booster - Strymon Timeline - Strymon Mobius - Diamond Compressor - Hilton volume pedal
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    Old cds

    I have about 1500 CDs in crates downstairs. I converted the years ago. One think to keep in mind. Files that are very old can sometimes need to be reconverted. I keep the discs around to get a better conversion. Probably won't do anything with them in the long run but I like having them for...
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    PRS vs Gibson price

    The build on every single PRS including the SE are the best in the business. Gibson on the other hand has had a very bad couple of years. I worked in a music shop for a few years and was repeatedly shocked at the poor finish on guitars in the 2k range. At that price you should get a stable...
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    McCarty 594 Hollow Body II Annoying buzzing sound

    The G string seems to be the biggest culprit. Its mainly when I am fretted around middle of the neck. Its worst at the 7-10th fret range. I don't think I can gear it when I am playing clean so I don't know if its worth worrying about. Its a brand new guitar and was not cheap so it bugs me on...
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    McCarty 594 Hollow Body II Annoying buzzing sound

    Do any other of you hollow body owners get any buzzing or rattling from the guitar? Can't quite pinpoint the location of the sound. I don't notice it when I'm plugged in. Its not the knobs. Doesn't seem to be the pickup cover. I thought it might just be the nature of highly resonant guitars...
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    McCarty 594 Hollow Body II String change

    Has anyone sized down from the stock PRS 10s. The PRS strings are nickel right? I am not fond of them. They dulled up pretty quickly IMO. I usually play Dunlop nickel 09s but wanted to see how the stock 10s felt with the shorter scale of the 594. I was hoping for a little less tension for...
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    Favorite guitar stand

    That's pretty cool. I haven't seen that stand yet!