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    The Age-Old Question Is The Wrong Question!

    To me it’s all about talent. I joined a band in 8th grade. I had a Five and Dime guitar and amplifier. B had an expensive SG and any equally good amp. He sounded so much better. Must be the gear, right? We switched. He made my cheap rig sound good while I made his expensive rig sound bad. He...
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    What pedals do you use?

    Makes all of your cycling achievements that much more impressive.
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    Random. No more or less

    When my wife is not joining me, it’s half anchovy and half hot peppers.
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    Random. No more or less

    A few years ago I had a perfect day on my birthday. A lovely bicycle ride with unseasonably warm temps for winter. Followed by 1.5 hrs of loud uninterrupted guitar. Followed by a fine cigar with the guys at my cigar club. Followed by a full body sports massage (this was my regular weekly...
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    Yet another "MA Pete Return" NGD - Custom 2408

    I’ve always thought of Dave as a 12 type of guy- you know just one step above perfection. Biblical rather than movie allusion.
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    Random. No more or less

    Best expresso I ever had was in Jamaica and Antigua. And that‘s true despite tasting expresso all over Italy. Forget the expresso machine and the big boy amp, just move to Jamaica-mon! Lol
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    Random. No more or less

    One cool thing. We watched as the guide put his hand over a very small plant never touching it. It withered before our eyes. Then, upon removing his hand, we watched it come back to its original form within minutes. The other cool thing was our daily sloth sighting between our room and the...
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    Random. No more or less

    In December we were on a guided hike through the rainforest in Costa Rica. We learned a lot about how plants and trees communicate with each other. Pretty fascinating stuff.
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    Take Me To the River

    Yes sir.
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    Take Me To the River

    Happens to me all the time on the bike. Street signs are the most likely trigger. On some rides I can subconsciously put together a complete set list. On some occasions Amy shows up on a group ride. The song runs through my head for the entirety of the ride.
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    P90/P-90 guitar search

    You really piqued my curiosity. I spent well over a year looking for the right 594 Soapy Single Cut. By a freak perfect storm I ended up with a Knaggs Kenai Soapy SC (thanks again to greywolf for the inspiration) that I absolutely love. Hope you love your new guitar just as much.
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    It's Time To Trust Your Own Senses and Judgment.

    Does that advice continue once one becomes the artist formally known as prince? I do love me a Machiavelli quote. I was going to recommend reading or re-reading The Prince until I remembered the original premise of the thread.
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    Random. No more or less

    I am at the age whereby if I reverse the numbers I become considerably younger. The actual number is my biological age. The reversed number is how I see myself.
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    It's Time To Trust Your Own Senses and Judgment.

    I agree completely! Two examples that confound me. Experts provide all kinds of analytics to tell me which team will win and why. I prefer to forego the analysis and just watch the game. Then I’ll know who won. The why is easy-they scored more points than the other team. The second example is...
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    All about bicycles

    We returned home last night from our aforementioned Costa Rica cycling trip. Great trip, roads and group. Lots of climbing, heat and humidity. Came home 6.2lbs heavier.
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    Hello World…

    Great news on all fronts!
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    Your best score of 2023

    Knaggs Kenai Soapbar was my only 2023 score. But it’s a home run.
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    In Praise of Natural Beauty

    When I was 16 I got a Univox LP knockoff with a natural top. To this day I think it one of the most beautiful looking guitars I ever owned. Long gone so no pic.
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    Random. No more or less

    Nice job on the walking. You are hereafter Lola Gump.lol
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    Your #1 vs. your Dream???

    I tend to think in terms of current favorite as desires change. Currently it’s the Knaggs Kenai Soapy because it sounds, feels and plays right for me. I was never a guitar weight conscious guy as long as the guitar is well balanced. The light weight of the Kenai turned out to be an added bonus...