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    Silver Sky Low E String Intonation Problems

    Pickups are set to factory spec, but maybe. I’ll try dropping them and see what happens. A different tuber helps sometimes but not always. No string buzz, when I play it does seem off a bit.
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    Silver Sky Low E String Intonation Problems

    Using NYXL 10-46 strings, guitar came setup for 10’a from PRS.
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    Silver Sky Low E String Intonation Problems

    Hi Everyone, While intonation the low e-string on my silver sky (USA), it's acting like the saddle is moving or something. The tuner will read in tune, then flat, then sharp, then maybe flat again - it's just all over the place. Sometimes it will show the note holding one pitch, others it just...
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    Core Silver Sky vs SE Silver Sky

    What pickups did you end up going with in the SE?
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    Upgrade SE Mira Pickups?

    Hey Everyone, Any thoughts on upgrading the pickups in a SE Mira? Has anyone tried this with maybe 57/08's, or something different like Lollar imperials? The SE Mira's stock pickups aren't bad, but I have a McCarty with 57/08's and just love it a lot more.
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    SE 594 Volume Pots - Slow to Turn

    Hello Everyone, I just got a 594 SE singlecut and while the tone knobs turn freely and easily, the volume knobs turn with much more resistance. Should I just spray them with Deoxit? Sweetwater said give it time to loosen up. Thanks!
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    Silver Sky SE Truss Rod Cover Screw?

    Stripped out the top of my silver sky se truss rod cover screw. Anyone know what size this is?
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    Mold on Pickguard, Volume Knob from Gig

    Hey Everyone, We played a gig at a lake a few months back and I just found a lot of mold, mostly underneath the volume knob of my Silver Sky. I'm sure the high humidity and not cleaning afterwards caused it. I tossed the volume knob and took Lysol wipes to the pots, washers, and nuts to make...
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    Silver Sky, Cleaning Mold

    Appreciate it, thanks!
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    Silver Sky, Cleaning Mold

    Hello Everyone, After working on my Silver Sky this weekend, I discovered a lot of mold under the volume knob. We had a gig this past summer that was humid and misting, never thought to clean under the volume knob - but I'm sure this is when it happened. Anyway, I pitched the volume knob...
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    57/08 vs. 58/15 LT

    Thank you for the feedback everyone!
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    57/08 vs. 58/15 LT

    Hello Everyone, I have a set of 57/08 pickups in my McCarty and wondering what differences there are between these and the 58/15 LT pickups available right now?
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    Changed String Brand, Now They Catch on the Nut When Using the Tremolo Arm

    Hey Everyone, I bought a Silver Sky SE and finally changed the strings recently to NYXL 10-46. Now, when I use the tremolo arm, the strings catch (in the nut slots) and some jump wildy out of tune. Is this normal? I'd rather not drive to get the nut slots recut. Debating buying the PRS strings...
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    Guitars in Sunlight

    Hey Everyone, I normally hang my silver sky and McCarty guitars on a wall next to our window. For a few hours a day the sunlight seems to hit them directly. I’ve touched them before and they are pretty warm after being in the sun. I’m not really worried about finish problems, but should I be...
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    Mold spots on Silver Sky Tuning pegs?

    Hi Everyone, Days after a really humid gig, I noticed green/dark spots on some of the plastic tuning keys/pegs on my silver sky. I have used Lysol wipes to remove most of it, but there are some spot stains leftover which are difficult to see without a light. Anyone else experience this...
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    Wah Sound From Silver Sky Bridge

    Hello Everyone, I have a Silver Sky guitar and have something weird going on. About a year ago, I got this guitar and didn't really understand tremolo systems - always been a McCarty player. My instinct was to loosen everything, put the 6 tremolo screws down and bring it back to flatten the...
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    Silver Sky Single Note Overtones, Not Pickup Height?

    Thanks for your reply. It's strange because as I mentioned - my McCarty was doing the same thing and after a setup w/fret dressing/level, it is gone (and the tech put the pickups higher to the strings than these are on the silver sky). Interesting on the tremolo springs - they are providing...
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    Silver Sky Single Note Overtones, Not Pickup Height?

    Thanks for your reply. I thought this as well and while it helps somewhat to lower the pickups, it doesn't "cure" the issue. Right now they are 1/64" lower than factory spec. I'll keep fiddling and contact a repair tech for more help.
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    Silver Sky Pickup Heights

    Hey Everyone, Just wondering why the pickup heights are the way they are. All the bass side measurements are the same, but the treble side are all different - and by quite a bit. Why not have them just straight match the radius of the fretboard? Why have one side lower than the other? Looking...
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    Silver Sky Single Note Overtones, Not Pickup Height?

    Hello Everyone, My Silver Sky is doing this thing where higher up on the fretboard (9th fret and up), I'll play a single note and there is this overtone that comes out and creates almost a "wah" sound - exactly like when you play an octave and it's out of tune - those dissonant waves. Normally...