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  1. Campbell

    Scratchplates... Do we need them?

    Gibson is now offering a pick guard that does not require holes on the guitar (Les Pauls - Removable Pick Guards). But it seems you still got to deal with their asinine "Gibson G FORCE™" robotic tuner nonsense...but that's another issue.
  2. Campbell

    Had to Sell My PRS....Farewell Guy's, It's Been Fun

    Sending my well wishes your way! It's good to hear you're using music as a healer, in a sense. Keep on playing your blues. It's music from the soul that also soothes the soul. And, there ain't nothin' wrong with a really good Epiphone guitar, my friend. Besides, you'll be back playing a PSR...
  3. Campbell

    Do you play guitar everyday?

    I make an concerned effort to pick one up everyday. When I don't, things just don't feel right. Even if it's just for a few minutes, it's really important to make the time for playing. You don't won't to feel those fingertips get soft! So what are you doing reading this when you could be...
  4. Campbell


    "Strange clothing!?!" Have you seen what people wear these days? I mean, at least their pants fit. :p
  5. Campbell

    Memorable guitar solo

    Another one of my favorite, often overlooked, guitarist. Their cover of "Summer Breeze" also has a killer solo by him, as well!
  6. Campbell

    Memorable guitar solo

    I can't really pick a single favorite, way too many to choose from but, somebody needs to point out ANYTHING from Chuck Berry. Without him, none of this would be possible. Hail, hail, Mr. Rock 'N Roll! :adore:
  7. Campbell

    Memorable guitar solo

    Cool to see Maggot Brain here!
  8. Campbell

    Black Sabbath - "Black Sabbath"

    Hayseed Dixie - War Pigs Hayseed Dixie - War Pigs
  9. Campbell

    The Song Title Game

    Tell Mama - Savoy Brown
  10. Campbell

    PRS Bernie Marsden

    It's "Mojo" !
  11. Campbell

    PRS Bernie Marsden

    My new PRS SE Bernie Marsden I am a very new member to the PRS family, having just gotten my first PRS guitar only two days ago now. Mine is the SE Bernie Marsden with the black finish. I hadn't the opportunity to play one in person, so I had to rely on online reviews and videos. I was...
  12. Campbell

    Differences between the Les Paul-style PRS guitars?

    Les Paul vs. SE Bernie Marsden I'm rather new to the "PRS Family", having just received my very first one yesterday but, I have owned a Les Paul for quite a while now, so I can speak to a few of the similarities and differences. My PRS is the Bernie Marsden which, as most are aware, is...
  13. Campbell

    Introduce yourself!

    Greetings everyone! I am a recent Paul Reed Smith guitar owner (just got her yesterday!) and thought I should join the forum after registering my new guitar. I'm a songwriter/musician who owns several guitars, amps and gear but, this is my first PRS guitar. I am very impressed with her (I got...