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  1. Alessandro

    Does anyone else prefer to keep their guitars stock?

    As much as I love prs guitars there isn’t really a single one that ticks all the boxes for me stock so I always have to do some sort of modification. Usually means I have to mod the electronics to get 2 volume pots (customs and silver skies). Dream guitar that would never ever be modded...
  2. Alessandro

    Black guitars....love em or hate em? :)

    Great for solid/metallic finishes but not a fan of it as a stain on a flame top
  3. Alessandro

    McCarty 594 tuners - Should I swap?

    I’m going to leave a comment you don’t see much. If you’re going to be changing tunings a lot with this guitar I say leave the non lockers on. When you lock it down and keep changing the tuning you inevitably end up with a broken string at the locked shaft. If you have wraps around the post the...
  4. Alessandro

    New pickups in SE Hollowbody II?

    I’ve got the 57/08s in my SE HBII piezo and it made a big difference for me. I wasn’t getting any sounds I enjoyed from the stock unfortunately. They definitely sounded muddy to me and in all my experience and research hollow bodies are actually typically on the bright side not the boomy bassy...
  5. Alessandro

    Has anyone tried the new SE Silver Sky tremolo block from John Mann?

    I’d be curious to know if strings still get caught in the slots like the stock SE bridge. Such an annoying thing to happen on such an expensive guitar.
  6. Alessandro

    Delphi, we have a problem.

    I’ve read every inch of the gospel and I stand by what I’ve said. Simply saying it isn’t true and giving a single instance of Jesus asking his followers to comply with a corrupt order is not an example of Jesus being pro-authority. He only stopped them from interfering because he knew it was his...
  7. Alessandro

    Delphi, we have a problem.

    Anything is possible. We live in a world where virtue signalling politicians will call people white supremacists for not taking a vaccine and then turn around and invite nazis to parliament. Thank god the science is settled though.
  8. Alessandro

    Delphi, we have a problem.

    I also find it super interesting how someone can think people are dumb for believing and going to bat for flat earth and immediately follow with MSM Covid jargon talking points. If you believe the earth is round and rotating in space full points to you, but you lose them all when you think 2...
  9. Alessandro

    Delphi, we have a problem.

    As a Catholic who is a rabid autodidact I firmly (pun intended) believe this was a pre-historic articulation of the magnetosphere and the atmosphere. They knew there was some kind of unexplainable anomaly protecting the earth but didn’t have the knowledge to properly articulate it yet so it...
  10. Alessandro

    Tonepros locking studs s2 mira

    Yes my apologies I don’t think I really understood what you meant but yes I can confirm this is how they are made and I’ve not noticed any tonal change at all just an added convenience when changing strings and it did correct a bit of a sitar sound that was happening on my high e string open...
  11. Alessandro

    Tonepros locking studs s2 mira

    And so you know the locking stud is two pieces. The top screws into the base to lock the bridge between the two pieces. You have to take the top part of the stud off, place the bridge on top of the bottom half and then thread the locking stud top on after the bridge is seated on the stud.
  12. Alessandro

    Tonepros locking studs s2 mira

    you probably got the ones that are meant for Epiphones not prs. Gibson use smaller studs for their tailpiece. I made this mistake once for my singlecut soapbar. They still work fine you can just see the old markings on the bridge from the old studs.
  13. Alessandro

    Possible Fake PRS S2 - But its Convincing.

    Definitely not a fake. That’s a legit s2. Enjoy.
  14. Alessandro

    Silver Sky choking out on big bends

    There’s a lot that goes into. It’s so subjective it’s really hard for me to tell you what to do but for me I’d rather not have the guitar be unplayable anytime the neck moves a little. I’m Canadian too in Richmond hill Ontario and the conditions for us up here make neck movement constant. Like...
  15. Alessandro

    Silver Sky choking out on big bends

    The neck has probably bowed a bit with change in humidity resulting in the fretting out. Gotta raise the saddle a bit more so it doesn’t happen with a little neck movement, or you have to constantly check neck relief before you play.
  16. Alessandro

    DGT SE pickup selector

    You can certainly spend the time making sure nothing is shorting out against the cavity or that solder joints look strong and what knot but my experience with SE electronics says even if the problem right now isn’t the switch it eventually will be
  17. Alessandro

    Hitting the middle pickup with plectrum

    It really took a while for me to bond with S style guitars. I’d definitely hit the middle pickup when picking and often change the pickup selector position unintentionally too. I was able to resolve hitting the pickup selector over time but I found the only way to not hit the middle pickups was...
  18. Alessandro

    SE Silver Sky Maple Quality Control Issues

    The finish scratches seem more significant than I would accept without some sort of break on the price. The fret work though is so completely hack I couldn’t look at that discount or not.
  19. Alessandro

    Vela Question

    I went with a 59/09 in the bridge to get more of a hard rock thing but I love this thing
  20. Alessandro

    Issues with PRS SE McCarty 594

    Out of tune in the first couple frets likely mean the nut was cut a little too high. If you hold down the third fret there should be very little to no gap from the 1st fret to the strings. If there is a more significant gap and you can “bounce” the string onto the fret then the slot wasn’t cut...