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  1. deakle

    New Archon?

    So is PRS bringing back the Archon?
  2. deakle

    Silver Sky - Any neck twist issues

    Has anyone experienced any issues with a neck twisted on a Silver Sky? Have some fret buzz on the lower strings, in particular the low E string. Was wondering if this is just a truss rod adjustment issue, or fret leveling needed, or could the neck be twisted?
  3. deakle

    PRS SE SVN - Opinions?

  4. deakle

    PRS SE SVN - Opinions?

    So has anyone tried out/purchased the PRS SE SVN? I am considering one and was wondering what others thought of it. I have a couple of other SE models that are stellar in my opinion.
  5. deakle

    RIP, Roy Clark

    Roy Clark is my all time favorite guitarist! He is the reason I learned to play guitar. He came along before there was effects and electronic wizardry. It was just Roy, his guitar and amp.
  6. deakle

    Adjusting string height on a Dustie Waring

    Thanks everyone! All it needed was a truss rod tweak. Fantastic guitar! I highly recommend it!
  7. deakle

    Adjusting string height on a Dustie Waring

    i just picked up a new CE 24DW Dustie Waring with a Floyd Rose. Great guitar except the action is way high. Has anyone ever adjusted the string height on one of these? Should I completely take the tension off the Floyd before adjusting the post screws so as not to damage the knife edges?
  8. deakle

    Show us your blue guitars!

    When will you be putting it up on Reverb? I may be interested.
  9. deakle

    Questions about Singlecut 245

    I put a set of Goto MG Locks in my 09 SC245. They look exactly the same and fit perfectly! I swapped them with a new set of strings in about 10 minutes.
  10. deakle

    Anyone else have a Special 22 Semi Hollow on order?

    I have a charcoal cherry burst on order, due late first quarter 2019.
  11. deakle

    Custom 24-08 Thoughts?

  12. deakle

    Custom 24-08 Thoughts?

    So has anyone tried out or purchased one of the new Custom 24-08's? What are your thoughts on it? I currently own a Custom 24 but the thought of having the additional switching, in particular the neck single-coil has me seriously considering one of these.
  13. deakle

    Gallery of Madness

    The inlay on those dragon guitars amazes me. What craftsmanship!
  14. deakle

    NGD SC594

    Super nice flame! Digging the green color!
  15. deakle

    US Members Ever Purchase From The UK

    No, just a flat shipping cost.
  16. deakle

    US Members Ever Purchase From The UK

    Thanks. Yes I did that and they do ship to the US at a pretty reasonable cost also.
  17. deakle

    US Members Ever Purchase From The UK

    i am interested in the new limited edition PRS SE Bernie Marsden that has been released in Europe only. I found a good deal on one at Anderton’s In the UK. Have any USA members ever purchased a PRS overseas/from Europe? If so, how did it go? Did the guitar survive shipping? Any Customs issues...
  18. deakle

    Notched Straightedge for McCarty 594

    Thanks for all the help guys! Love this forum!
  19. deakle

    Notched Straightedge for McCarty 594

    Has anyone found a notched straightedge for the 594’s? I use them to make truss rod adjustments as they make the job very easy. I have a combo straightedge for 24-3/4 and 25-1/2 but it will not work on my 594 as the scale length is 25.594. Anyone know where I could find a notched straightedge...