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  1. Woggers

    NGD - Goldtop baby!

    479507 is the serial, so right in the middle I suppose?
  2. Woggers

    NGD - Goldtop baby!

    That is correct. The trem was certainly swapped for a newer one at some point. I have an OG milcom trem kicking around, it might end up in here if I get bored one day. As for the Alder Vs Mahogany side of things, I’m with you. I thought all pre-1995 CEs were alder. This looks like mahogany to...
  3. Woggers

    Neck profile question

    The construction of a 2008 custom is going to be similar to something more recent. The difference will be the tuners (phase ii vs phase iii), the pickups, pickup bobbins (square vs round), pickup rings (I think), pickup selector, and depending on what year, the finish (v12 vs nitro). PRS has...
  4. Woggers

    NGD - Goldtop baby!

    Haha, yeah. This is why I was asking the other day. Didn’t know if this was a special order, or an artist’s guitar or something like that. I was half expecting to find some clues in the P/U cavities, but it all looks normal.
  5. Woggers

    NGD - Goldtop baby!

    1994 CE-24 Goldtop Wide Thin Neck White Label HFS + VB Flamed Maple Neck
  6. Woggers

    Flamed Maple Neck On Vintage CE Guitars?

    Oh, I am well aware. “Old Factory” or “New Factory” would certainly be a better distinction. But as I am sure you know, people who use the term “pre-factory” are almost always referring to guitars manufactured in the Annapolis facility. And although I know better, I am definitely guilty of this sin.
  7. Woggers

    Bad neck angle?? S2 McCarty 594 Singlecut

    I’d almost be tempted to keep it. How many people can say they have a PRS with a serious factory defect? That’s a unicorn.
  8. Woggers

    Flamed Maple Neck On Vintage CE Guitars?

    Over the years I’ve seen a few CEs on websites like Reverb with really nice, highly flamed, maple necks. It seems that the majority of them were “pre-factory” guitars, but I’m sure I’ve seen some made after 1995 as well. Given that a very high percentage of the maple necks made by PRS are/were...
  9. Woggers

    A little help…. Should I?

    Can definitely relate to what you’re experiencing. As others have recommended, I’d say block the trem. No need to touch the setup. Also, two guitars > one guitar. Just saying…
  10. Woggers

    NGD!!!!! Finally!!!

    Very nice find there! Congrats!
  11. Woggers

    This made me smile.

    Poor girl never had a chance…
  12. Woggers

    This made me smile.

    That’s a Mint 1989 CU24 in emerald green. Someone save it, please!
  13. Woggers

    This made me smile.

    Gotta love Reverb.
  14. Woggers

    Individual Effects Pedals or Multi-Effects or ?

    I’m still rocking the AxeFX II over here. And it still kicks ass. Probably saved me $1000s on pedals over the last decade.
  15. Woggers

    PRS new guy....Is this a fake?

    Looks good to me, and I kinda like the plain look of the fretboard. That top is sick as well. That’s a cool guitar.
  16. Woggers

    A $20K joke?

    If only it came with a gig bag… then I’d be in.
  17. Woggers

    String Gauge - Let's Talk!

    I can’t either, but I try.
  18. Woggers

    String Gauge - Let's Talk!

    10s on every PRS. The 7 and 8 string Strandbergs get weird…
  19. Woggers

    Just My Twisted Brain?

    I immediately thought it was some crazy spinal figuring on a maple cap
  20. Woggers

    NGD - Awwwww Yeaaaaa

    This is my 4th PRS that came from the factory with a rotary, and the only one that still had it installed by the time the guitar became mine. I can certainly see the appeal of a 3-way (zing), but this one is staying just as god made her.