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  1. RallyFanatic

    It would be cool if PRS made...

    If we’re taking orders, I’d like a 12 fret acoustic at a high S2 or low Core price point please.
  2. RallyFanatic

    John Mayer SE

    Ish is also giving one away - details on their site. As long as you’re not a dragon in Paris that is…
  3. RallyFanatic

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    This is very true. If I have a certain light on in my living room all my single coil guitars have noise, and my music room is 40 feet away.
  4. RallyFanatic

    The Actual, She's OK, NVD thread. Velas rule!

    I really dig the green. I’ve had a Vela itch for far too long now, may need to scratch that this year after I finally settle on a 12 fret acoustic. The new Mahi Blue color they’re using on the S2’s this year is also pretty sweet!
  5. RallyFanatic

    5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy The SE Silver Sky

    Ha! Clickbait, but funny…
  6. RallyFanatic

    John Mayer SE

    Both of mine (19 and 21) operate this way as well.
  7. RallyFanatic

    Silver Sky Golden Mesa & Orion Green ??

    It’s usually around this time of year they announce new colors (and limited edition special colors) so maybe something new is on the horizon (pun intended). That being said, I love my Golden Mesa - it’s a nice, warm gold color. I was bummed when I heard they were retiring it.
  8. RallyFanatic

    Headphone Use?

    What kind of headphones are you using? My Helix sounds like garbage with a good pair of Beats, but sounds excellent with my Audio Technica studio monitors. I think you need something more flat and neutral sounding so you don’t add unnecessary color to the amps sound.
  9. RallyFanatic

    Silver Sky SE pickup question

    Fender pickups have that sort of “v” shape at the bottom of the bobbin where the connections are soldered, and the pickup cavities in the body are routed accordingly. SS pickups are just oval shaped and the body is routed that way as well. If the SE SS is the same, you’d need to do some minor...
  10. RallyFanatic


    I found the Ironman Mini (it’s actually quite large) to work incredibly well at shaving some decibels off. Going past half way in attenuation I found my amps lost some of their character and dynamics so I stick to my Helix if I need it quieter. The Ironman is also 8 ohms only if that factors in.
  11. RallyFanatic

    The PRS Fiore

    New silver sky colors came out after 1 year, if the Fiore follows suit you should see them next month for NAMM (and be able to actually buy them by April or so).
  12. RallyFanatic

    SE Hollowbody IIs and humidity

    SEs are laminated with a block under the bridge, they won’t be affected like an acoustic in terms of having the bridge sink or the body crack. But any guitar, solid or otherwise, will exhibit adverse effects from prolonged exposure to very low or high humidity in terms of tuning stability or...
  13. RallyFanatic

    Thoughts on updates to the Silver Sky

    I have a 2021 maple board and it has the updated frets. I do still slightly prefer my 2019 rosewood with the smaller frets, but everyone has their own preferences!
  14. RallyFanatic


  15. RallyFanatic

    Concerns about my incoming Private Stock

    I consider the neck and fretboard to be different things, but I don’t see what is specified for the fretboard wood? Obviously if it’s something like rosewood or ebony it won’t be painted anyway.
  16. RallyFanatic

    What would be my ultimate "strat?"

    I honestly don’t use 2 often but I use 4 more often than not. Definitely wouldn’t call it thin, weak, useless, or low volume. I can pull some great clean Jimi or Mayer-esq tones from 4.
  17. RallyFanatic

    Anyone for a roasted neck Silver Sky?

    Would look great with the rosewood fretboard. I wonder if the roasting process produces a consistent enough color that the maple fretboard would match the neck as well.
  18. RallyFanatic

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    On two separate occasions I set out to buy a Custom Shop Strat. Now I have 2 silver sky’s. I thought the custom shops were nice, they just weren’t as good sounding/feeling for my tastes and obviously more expensive. Always happy to hear about people enjoying them as much as I do!
  19. RallyFanatic

    Neck scarf joint on PRS SIlver Sky, Is in all models? What say John Mayer?

    Ha! I just bought a Taylor 324 over the weekend and didn’t realize it was a scarf joint till just now
  20. RallyFanatic

    Neck scarf joint on PRS SIlver Sky, Is in all models? What say John Mayer?

    A scarf joint is the strongest way to make an angled headstock, and there’s much less waste. Good enough for PRSh and John Mayer, good enough for me! Might not be pretty but who stares at the back of a headstock??