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  1. iLookLikeElvis

    Curt Mangan Strings

    I'm using them at the moment (10s and 10.5s depending on instrument, pure nickels). They're nice, feel good, but ... differences in string brands are subtle to me, at most. But yeah, I like the company too.
  2. iLookLikeElvis

    Dead spot on 594, B string, 12th fret?

    This thread is kinda dated now but... The dreaded spot doesn't bother me as much anymore. It is still there but seems to come and go in intensity as the weather changes and I adjust intonation and stuff, like @JJJ said. Someone should make a TRC from lead and see if that helps without being a...
  3. iLookLikeElvis

    A little over 24 hours in

    I'm 8 days past my 2nd Pfizer shot. I felt pretty junky the first 2 or 3 days, lightheaded and fatigued. My wife (went on same day) was similar but a little worse. We're both about normal now.
  4. iLookLikeElvis

    Holy grail setup?

    I am picky about intonation and probably do a fine check/adjust once a month (or when it’s audibly out of whack). My guitars do seem a bit sensitive to the environment in my house too. 2 of my 3 electrics also have a slight buzzy/pinched sound on high E and B around the 3rd fret (including my...
  5. iLookLikeElvis

    Get your straps out

    I'm now up to 3! I like Les' pattern strap a lot, but these wide and thick leather straps are really comfortable once they get some wear on them.
  6. iLookLikeElvis

    Fading Charcoal or Grays???

    Good point! It took me a while before I noticed the volume knobs on my 594 have brass screws, while the tones are silver.
  7. iLookLikeElvis

    Fading Charcoal or Grays???

    Yessir. I love the look of natural/translucent mahogany.
  8. iLookLikeElvis

    Fading Charcoal or Grays???

    Right - I actually can see that yellowish/brownish tint near the bottom in person if I look hard enough! It is subtle and depends on the lighting. But yeah, the guitar looks a little darker in person than it does in that photo.
  9. iLookLikeElvis

    NGD and one question

    Love, love, love!
  10. iLookLikeElvis

    Fading Charcoal or Grays???

    Ooh, me too, me too! This is about 9m old, kept on a wall hanger - it doesn't get direct sunlight but the room does get light in the morning. I don't think it has changed since I got it. The photo is a little yellow though (the wall is whiter than it looks in the photo, for example).
  11. iLookLikeElvis

    NGD - 2020 Paul's Guitar

    I say who cares about the label - that top is sizzling! And I like your description of it's tones. Grats!
  12. iLookLikeElvis

    Question: PRS McCarty 594's, Semi-Hollow vs full Hollowbody II?

    YES! That looks so nice. Great choice.
  13. iLookLikeElvis

    Best lockdown purchase

    I keep looking at the 70th anniversary Broadcasters, then I get that feeling... that chill... ice picks in the back of my head... the fearsome glower of SWMBO. Of course I also look at HBII's. I am doomed.
  14. iLookLikeElvis

    Best lockdown purchase

    I am embarrassed to admit that I don't think I've ever played a Tele.
  15. iLookLikeElvis

    Best lockdown purchase

    That's hilarious. And did NOT work for me. I've got 4yr old twin girls and when shopping for my 594 online, they would always say "Daddy are you looking at guitars AGAIN?" Then I'd get evil eye from the wife.
  16. iLookLikeElvis

    Best lockdown purchase

    At this point I'd be happy to go watch ANYONE play... outdoors...
  17. iLookLikeElvis

    Best lockdown purchase

    I just picked up this little Orange Micro Dark with the 8 inch cab, for kicks and giggles. It is a blast. Sounds great (at a sixth of the cost of the Mesa below it) and the headphone out is perfect for late night. It is much louder than you'd think, and the cleans are better than I expected...
  18. iLookLikeElvis

    Tell me about loopers...

    It's not that hard to get a hang of. Just make sure it's in a good stompy position and secured. Even on my board, my foot misses my Ditto (because it's sideways). But definitely user error!
  19. iLookLikeElvis

    NGD - Special Semi Hollow .. weeeeooooooo!

    Lovely! That's a real sexy top/color. Grats!