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  1. Matthew

    Finally got around to upgrading the Tremonti SE Custom - PIC heavy

    Check out the first sentence of his post :D
  2. Matthew

    Phil X PRS Private Stock

    I love his reviews , especially after a few glasses of St. Bernardus Abt 12 . Dude doesn't take himself to serious and you can tell he genuinely has fun playing and reviewing .
  3. Matthew

    SE Angelus Standard or Custom and Pickups

    Negative Ghost Rider... Se Angelus Standard has Rosewood freboard and bridge Se Angelus Custom has Ebony fretboard and bridge
  4. Matthew

    Recording sample: Zach Myers SE through a Bogner Uberschall

    What tuning did you use on the riff?
  5. Matthew

    Clippage - The Hammer - This Time Of A Lesser God...

    You have fantastic timing and your flow is wicked smooth . Nice playing Les !
  6. Matthew

    in the USA...

  7. Matthew

    Cleartone/DHS Strings for anti-rust oxidation

    Only tonal difference I noted was that the nano's sounded better acoustically while playing my semi-hollow unplugged .
  8. Matthew

    Cleartone/DHS Strings for anti-rust oxidation

    Some Elixirs have anti-rust plain steels...It's not the same thick coating as the wound strings but they are treated and perform well IMO .
  9. Matthew

    Babysitting a S2 Custom 24

    Not my style of music but......YOU GOT CHOPS MAN!! MUCH RESPECT!!:beer:
  10. Matthew

    $28,000+ in giveaways including a PRS Santana 10-top!!

    That promo video was very well done, Loved it! Great job!!
  11. Matthew

    Zach Meyers Colors

    I do like the way the Sp Maple veneer looks on the ZM but it doesn't pop like the TG does with the headstock and sides. I'll have to wait to see one in person before I make that call. Trampas Green still reigns supreme in my book!
  12. Matthew

    Why should I buy a SE Custom 24 Korean when price so close to American Strat?

    Do you think Gold Medal flour is overpriced compared to their relative counterpart brands ?
  13. Matthew

    Dwarfcraft Devices - Memento Killswitch

    the "kill" function sounds so horrible! Way too much noise..
  14. Matthew

    Zach Meyers Colors

    me either.. I just googled @zmyersofficial after I saw it on your photo :top: Thanks for posting that btw! I have been waiting for pics for a while now.
  15. Matthew

    Zach Meyers Colors

    ZM's Twitter feed (the one listed on the photo you posted..) lol
  16. Matthew

    Zach Meyers Colors

  17. Matthew

    Let's talk about lawn care!

    Over seeding my crappy KBG with tall fescue was the best lawn decision I ever made..Less weeds,less water usage and minimal fertilizer usage and its ohhh soo lush now.
  18. Matthew

    What bass accessories are you getting?

    Cory, Just wondering what perceived advantage the string cleaner has over using a $1.00 microfiber cloth ? Also, why would you need a different one for each guitar?
  19. Matthew


    HAHA! I Love It's Always Sunny!
  20. Matthew


    Gmaj7 ?