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  1. Stoptail22

    Anyone add a second switch to an SE custom 24 to make it an "08"?

    On my SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow, I added the two mini switches cause I'm not a fan of push/pulls.
  2. Stoptail22

    Single pickup PRS

    2010 PRS SE Korina One, 6lb 11oz, adjustable stoptail, original P90 pickup cavity enlarged for a 57/08 humbucker, plastic parts (pickup frame, pickguard, volume knob) swapped for wood parts Rocks!
  3. Stoptail22

    PRS pickups best match?

    Sure I did what you said! The Custom 22 as my main guitar has now the 59/09 & 53/10, which is a great combo! The 53/10 in the neck is fantastic, unbelievable! The remaining 57/08 and Archtop make the second pair in the CE22. Nice, but the Archtop is not suitable for too much gain. Thanks to...
  4. Stoptail22

    PRS pickups best match?

    I have several single PRS pickups here and want to build sets for my 2005 Custom 22 (my main guitar) and as well as for my 2000 CE 22 Maple Top. I don't like the Dragon II in both guitars. It concerns these pickups: 59/09 Treble 9,2 kOhm 53/10 Treble 8,9 kOhm 57/08 Treble 8,7 kOhm Archtop Bass...
  5. Stoptail22

    Pickup frames for a Core McCarty 594 HB II?

    The 2nd entry on your list, available in black or ivory!
  6. Stoptail22

    PRS SE Paul's guitar mini toggle switch hex nut size ??

    Maybe you must replace the complete switch. The C&K-7201MYZQE mini toggle should do the job. C&K is the manufacturer, Canford is a distributor (Mouser Electronics is another).
  7. Stoptail22

    Narrowfield Coil Tap/Split

    It's a quite easy job to add a split wire on a Narrowfield. In addition, i mounted the NF on a standard PRS base plate for use with a humbucker pickup ring. This is my Mira X with the NF in the bass position, with mini switches for splitting. The splitted NF sounds similar to the...
  8. Stoptail22

    NGD - Custom 24 Swamp Ash

    The guitar has now landed at home! The hangtag shows a "Custom 24 Swamp Ash" - no "Wood Library" at all - never mind! At last just another full body shot:
  9. Stoptail22

    What PRS guitar is this? (Resolved)

    This is not a PRS guitar. It's a fake.
  10. Stoptail22

    NGD - Custom 24 Swamp Ash

    I just pulled the trigger on this guitar from 2017: It was announced as a "PRS Custom 24 with wood library options without the wood library price". What does that mean? I never heard of this before. The MODCAT is CWM4F-MTMBT_NP_H5-53, which says Model: Could not find Model 'CW' Top Wood...
  11. Stoptail22

    NGD - McCarty 1957/2008

    2008 McCarty 1957/2008 Limited Edition, #51/150, 10-Top 1-piece quilted top in Charcoal Burst. First release of the famous 57/08 pickups! Now forever mine!
  12. Stoptail22

    That one guitar, for me, Mira 245, 25th Anniversary

    Both had the original MiraX PUs swapped out. The Vintage Cherry has now 85/15 with a 5-way blade switch and the Blue/Green (i don't know the colour name, it's a custom color) has now 57/08 with two mini switches, like the Paul's Guitar. Both are less then 2,5 kg.
  13. Stoptail22

    That one guitar, for me, Mira 245, 25th Anniversary

    I have two Mira X and they are fantastic!
  14. Stoptail22

    McCarty 245 PS

    Thanks for all the likes! Sorry, I forgot to mention that this axe was from 2010. Once located in the US but not truly loved, someone must have brought her to Europe where I found it at a second hand shop.
  15. Stoptail22

    McCarty 245 PS

    The Eagle has landed at his new home: I did a small upgrade with Phase III locking tuners und ivory pickup rings. :):):)
  16. Stoptail22

    Mira pup ?

    The Mira neck pickup from my 2008 KL33 has a DCR of 8,77 kOhm, bridge is 9,40 kOhm.
  17. Stoptail22

    The risks of buying old guitars...

    What kind of TRC do you expect? Here's the Modern Eagle sheet from the 2005 retail price list showing an embossed "20th" TRC.