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  1. Stephen J.

    Paul's Guitar versus Modern Eagle V

    I have both. The MEV isn’t too complicated. It has a lot of options, but it makes sense. If you are comfortable with a 5 way blade, you will be fine. I like the 2/4 sounds that I can’t get with the Paul’s Guitar. If you don’t care about that or the trem, you won’t be missing anything with...
  2. Stephen J.

    Modern Eagle V Pickups !

    And in the realm of counterintuitive steps that you have probably already tried, rolling back on the volume and tone really changes the way the guitar sounds. I think the 10/10 settings with gain in the bridge pickup of the MEV creates a tonal traffic jam. Volume on 8 and tone on 6/7 gets you...
  3. Stephen J.

    Modern Eagle V Pickups !

    I have one. I treat it as a Strat sound with optional thickening agent in the humbucker settings. I don’t have any traditional Les Paul style guitars, and I am a clean/low gain player, so I am probably not the most helpful in answering your question. I also have a Paul’s Guitar. It is more...
  4. Stephen J.

    My Second PRS Guitar should be?

    S2 594 Thinline has a neck similar in shape to the CE-24 (shorter scale length).
  5. Stephen J.

    PRS-built "LP" for Tim Pierce, 594 Singlecut

    Half-assed playing is an accomplishment. See video below.
  6. Stephen J.

    Modern Eagle wiring, but more affordable/attainable versions

    Yes, in my opinion the MEV has the best 2/4 positions, but I don’t have a traditional Strat to compare it to. I am happy with it and do not feel like I want a three single coil guitar.
  7. Stephen J.

    Modern Eagle wiring, but more affordable/attainable versions

    I have a Modern Eagle V, a Paul’s Guitar, a Brent Mason Signature, and a Strat with Swamp Ash Special pickups in it (McCarty/Vintage Rails/McCarty). They are all in the same ballpark of each other, but each has its own thing happening as well. I had never played any of these PRS guitars...
  8. Stephen J.

    Maple Neck with Ebony Fingerboard, really short sustain

    That is an amazing looking guitar. My guess is it will provide you with something your other guitars don’t. After a while it’s uniqueness might grow on you.
  9. Stephen J.

    PRS, RWRP, and middle position hum

    I used to have an S2 Singlecut. I don’t remember having the same problem you are having. I don’t know the technical details to your situation.
  10. Stephen J.

    S2 Standard 24 pickguard on an S2 Custom 24?

    Looking at the Custom 24 compared to the Standard 24, I don’t think the controls will line up. They are close, but not the same.
  11. Stephen J.

    S2 Standard 24 pickguard on an S2 Custom 24?

    My guess is the added thickness of the pickguard would prevent the pickup selector from having its full range of motion. It is possible that the blade is long enough to have clearance. The volume and tone might have the same problem. You might be able to get pots with longer shafts, but I...
  12. Stephen J.

    New McCarty pickups?

    Don’t think less of whoever confirmed they were 85/15 pickups. It is an easy mistake to make.
  13. Stephen J.

    New McCarty pickups?

    I would think the maple neck and ebony board would have a significant effect on what you are hearing from the guitar you liked. Without playing it side by side with the semi-hollow on Facebook, you will not not know if it is worth the extra money to you. Don’t expect them to sound the same...
  14. Stephen J.

    New tuning buttons

    I find that I usually like things better in person than I do in images. While I am certainly not offended by the change, I am not excited either. I will wait until I get to try one out before deciding if I like them better. I am more interested in how they feel in my hands than what they look...
  15. Stephen J.

    Anyone know about what percentage of CU24s have/had (Pattern) Regular necks?

    I think the S2 Custom 24 had Pattern Regular necks up until a year or two ago.
  16. Stephen J.

    What should my first NGD of 2024 be folks?

    I don’t know if this is the same one as discussed earlier, but it looks good. https://reverb.com/item/78125715-prs-1980-west-street-2008-cherry
  17. Stephen J.

    Hello - What Would You Go With?

    I prefer the scale length and neck shape of the Special. That would make me inclined to go with that over the 594. I have played both, but own neither. I prefer the more Strat like tones of the Modern Eagle V to the Special. New models will likely be announced by the end of the month. There...
  18. Stephen J.

    2024-Updated Core Custom 24-08?

    A couple more were listed on Reverb from Peach Guitars.
  19. Stephen J.

    PRS QC taking the day off?

    Send it back.
  20. Stephen J.

    Is this eriza verde?

    Leprechaun Tooth?