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  1. markintime

    Have you guys seen the Reclaimed CE and Semi Hollow Vela?

    If only I hadn't just bought a SE Kingfisher bass after trading in my S2 Satin Custom 22 for a Semi-hollow. Looks like it may be a long wait for a Vela Semi-hollow...
  2. markintime

    What do y'all recommend (Gibson SG and LP guy, ABB/DTB sound)

    Have you considered the S2 Vela? Starla humbucker in the bridge, and the Delmonica reincarnation in the neck. Love mine.
  3. markintime

    NGD: PRS Singlecut (2004)

    Great Pick!
  4. markintime

    The White Westie. How would you finish it? (AKA Sergio's Cloudzilla)

    Pearlescent, the only correct choice, IMHO.
  5. markintime

    Real world experience with the new ce-24's. Opinions, please?

    I'll chime in having acquired a Sweetwater Satin CE24. It is very comfortable and I dig the 85/15 pickups. Sounds great! The satin neck is just so comfortable.
  6. markintime

    Just Purchased a 2015 Hollowbody 2

    Oh yessss...that works!
  7. markintime

    Black locking tuners for SEs

    Now those look really nice. I have 2 SE's that could benefit from them. Do you have a link?
  8. markintime

    Replacing Pickups in 2004 CU24

    Me too. Ordered my 30th anniversary that way from Sweetwater.
  9. markintime

    NGD: '96 CU22 10 Top

    Really like that top. Congrats!
  10. markintime

    October GOM

    I just think that combination is beautiful....
  11. markintime

    I'll Put This Here And CE If Anyone Notices..

    I saw this: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/CU2410PTRSBG and it's a good thing I found the Satin Blackout before I had a look at this. I wish, I wish, I wish....
  12. markintime

    October GOM

    Wenge + Ebony = whimper....
  13. markintime

    A comparison: 408 MT vs Ibanez AR325

    A pocket knife is better :p
  14. markintime

    First time post

    I concur. It is a SE Custom 22 Semi Hollow just like one I used to own, except mine had birds. But that one is very nice looking!
  15. markintime

    4 or 5-way blade switch in my PRS SE Custom 24?

    How does the brass claw affect the tone?
  16. markintime

    NGD of a Lifetime, Best Guitar EVER!! Private Stock Singlecut 594 Prototype!

    That there is some serious wood! Congrats on top of congrats.
  17. markintime

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    Yeah, like h3ll you will! ;)
  18. markintime

    Another NGD

    But it's blue! And now, after snagging my CU24 Satin Blackout from Sweetwater,I stumble on this: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/CU2410PTRSBG. i'm dyin' here. Plus I have to change my pants.
  19. markintime

    NGD CU22

    That is one fantastic looking guitar! Congrats!
  20. markintime

    I'll Put This Here And CE If Anyone Notices..

    Tuesday's here and so is my CE 24 Blackout! I've been haunting the Fedex tracking site, checking about every 20-30 minutes. And bingo! It arrived a little sooner than I was expecting. Zipped home since I live about a mile from work, dragged that box into the living room and dug in. Good ol'...