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  1. dblack25

    Stairway to Heaven in copyright trial

    Jimmy Page should just lay it on the line.
  2. dblack25


    I have been researching these for a few months as I want a quality pair as well. I have decided to get the OPPO PM-3 closed backs. These are planar magnetic headphones which have superior sound reproduction. They are the lowest price of the OPPO line, which means that you get trickle down...
  3. dblack25

    Experience 2017

    I would like to reserve a room at JustRob's please
  4. dblack25

    2016 Experience Photo & Gossip Thread

    this may have been the best musical lineup they have had in a long time (IMHO). If you want to really showcase your guitar, you want to be able to hear it played skillfully and with nuance. Often that gets lost in the chunka-chunka bottom 3 strings in a metal band. I thought all the players...
  5. dblack25

    2016 Experience Photo & Gossip Thread

    No new amps. In fact, I didn't see any amps at all yesterday. Maybe something today
  6. dblack25

    Experience PRS 2016 Identification Roll Call

    Despite my pre-experience vow, one may be mine as well
  7. dblack25

    Experience PRS 2016 Identification Roll Call

    PRS just posted a pic on Facebook of a few hundred guitars that will be for sale on the open floor.
  8. dblack25

    Shamefully delayed N2GD X 3.....

    What is the gorgeous spalty hanging in the background?
  9. dblack25

    PSNGD...before and after...meet "Yenita"

    Look at that lonely little Les Paul sitting off in the corner by itself. So sad.....
  10. dblack25

    PSNGD...before and after...meet "Yenita"

    this one is far above all your others, even the Jet! Thanks for letting me be a part of "the vault" experience!
  11. dblack25

    2013 Forum Foosball Throwdown

    We would like to enter. Team Name: Angrier than Larry Members: Tosca and dblack25
  12. dblack25

    2013 Forum Foosball Throwdown

    could we make it that everybody has to ref one game? I am willing to ref but I really wanna play too. If it is a choice, I'm gonna play instead of ref. On the other hand, I don't want to turn this into the next "forum guitar" thread.
  13. dblack25

    2013 Forum Foosball Throwdown

    I can be bought. (jus' sayin')
  14. dblack25

    2013 Forum Foosball Throwdown

    I will be a referee.
  15. dblack25

    The "Name" Thread

    Certainly Tosca - but it would be LaFawnda Sir
  16. dblack25

    The "Name" Thread

    Its from Napoleon Dynamite. Unfortunately, I relate to that movie quite well
  17. dblack25

    Maxwell the Geico pig, yay or nay?

    Meh...I am a big fan of Flo...
  18. dblack25

    New member - here are my PRSi

    I've been wanting an SE One as well. Love me some p90!
  19. dblack25

    Markie gets his Brazzy 408 .................... Finally

    Ebony Fretboard with light body color = gorgeous! Congrats man. Play it loud