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  1. Bladester

    Truss Rod Cover Preference

    I like the rosewood trc better than the plastic one in the profile pic.
  2. Bladester

    What color is this?

    Sapphire Smoke Burst?
  3. Bladester

    What is your second favorite guitar ?

    Favorite guitar... 2010 sapphire smokeburst PRS SC245 and 2018 3 tone burst Suhr Standard. It's a tie. sorry not sorry Second favorite guitar... 2001 burnt apple sparkle EBMM Silhouette. Installing a Gotoh Floyd with a D-Tuna on it. Decked. My EVH guitar :)
  4. Bladester

    New Driveway & Retaining Wall

  5. Bladester

    Show us your PRS!

  6. Bladester

    NGD. I like rivers, and I like blue, and I like ebony, and I like SCs, and I like 594s.

    I can't even. That would be a Grail guitar for me.
  7. Bladester

    This is my first PRS guitar.

    Quite the entry into PRS. Very nice.
  8. Bladester

    New member and NUGD

    Thanks Moondog! Been lurking on this forum for a few years drooling over PRS pics. Not super computer savvy but thanks to a great post by sergiodeblanc on how to use Imgur I managed to get a few pics up because I know how much we like our PRS pics :)
  9. Bladester

    New member and NUGD

    Hi folks. My name is Alvaro. Long time lurker. Finally joined the forum :) Bought my first PRS new in 2002. A beautiful Scarlett Red CE 22. Fantastic guitar. Looks great, plays great and sounds great. Just got my second PRS 4 weeks ago. It's a 2010 25th Anniversary Sapphire Smokeburst SC245...