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  1. Nice F Holes

    Import 3 way blade to USA blade wiring

    Whoever put the two pickup ground wires on opposite sides of the switch housing did it for the purposes of identification and/or aesthetics. It has nothing to do with function or schematic. There are two solder pads on the housing for ease of installation. The installer chose to solder one...
  2. Nice F Holes

    Anyone Replaced Pickups on an SE Hollowbody II ?

    The F-holes actually help in that sense - the wires are longer so they can be routed around the F-holes and not visible. There are clips inside the guitar to manage the slack.
  3. Nice F Holes

    Anyone Replaced Pickups on an SE Hollowbody II ?

    Oh no, friend, I’m sorry to hear that.
  4. Nice F Holes

    Pickup change hollowbody2

    I fixed/added pics to the SE Piezo electronics thread that might be useful: https://forums.prsguitars.com/threads/se-hollowbody-piezo-electronics-wiring-thread.47423/post-629546
  5. Nice F Holes

    SE Hollowbody Piezo Electronics/Wiring Thread

    The bridge ground wire came off during the process. It wasn't secured very well. So I had to pull the bridge posts to correct it. I made this tool out of a bolt, washer, wingnut, and a piece of pvc pipe. I used a piece of light ply (balsa with hardwood veneer) as a cushion, with tape to protect...
  6. Nice F Holes

    SE Hollowbody Piezo Electronics/Wiring Thread

    Here are some more related images: I wanted to replace the piezo volume pot, but it was a bit unique. So I bought two CTS pots and combined them to make what I wanted: (a 25k short shaft knurled pot.) The resistance and taper is controlled by the wafer which is attached to the solder lugs, so...
  7. Nice F Holes

    New pickups in SE Hollowbody II?

    I adjusted the poles on my original SE HB II pickups and was happy with the outcome.
  8. Nice F Holes

    Why are the SE HB II Piezo's so much cheaper, all of a sudden?

    It looks like they're creeping back up again. The Peacock HB II piezo seems to be back what it was when I bought it 2 years ago.
  9. Nice F Holes

    SE HB Standard Piezo vs SE HB II Piezo, what's the difference?

    I liked the sound of the mahogany, but the aesthetics of the flamed Peacock blue with the flamed maple binding totally did it for me. The binding goes up the neck and is really stunning, IMO. I almost went back and bought the mahogany guitar, too, but it wasn't the best use of available money...
  10. Nice F Holes

    Hollowbody SE vs CORE

    The differences in quality between the SE and Core models are things that may never be noticed - and on a stage even less distinguishable - but they do exist and to some people they really matter. I love my SE HB II, but it's probably the last guitar I buy that's imported or not from a company...
  11. Nice F Holes

    Struggling With SE Hollowbody 2 w/Piezo - HELP

    Considering it's an electric guitar, I think the tech's advice was totally opposite of true. For an electric guitar, 90+ % of the sound comes from things that are replaceable: amp, pickups, strings, and electronics. If you like how an electric guitar looks, how it feels, and how it plays, you...
  12. Nice F Holes

    SE Hollowbody Piezo Electronics/Wiring Thread

    I updated the first post with whatever pics I could find.
  13. Nice F Holes

    Anyone Replaced Pickups on an SE Hollowbody II ?

    @Dirty_Boogie did you ever end up replacing the pickups? Your original post mentioned the change that happens when you roll the pots. I believe the pots that come in the SE HB are both linear taper, not audio. I also found pretty limited range in what I could do with the volume and tone...
  14. Nice F Holes

    Pedals and Amps

    Similar for me - I built my dream pedal board before getting my dream amp. Then I got my amp and now most of the pedals go unused. FWIW my amp does have a footswitch with 2 channels and boost, and my guitar has coil tap and piezo, so there's that....
  15. Nice F Holes

    Pickup change hollowbody2

    I have 57/08's in mine. It's "less hot and more PAF" as you said. I have them on a coil tap switch. Tone is subjective but I'm really happy with them. I guess changing them is more difficult than a solid body, but if you loosen the pickup selector switch you can access everything pretty easily...
  16. Nice F Holes

    PRS setups in the store (out of the box)

    Ive had guitars from Willcutt (premier PRS) and shipped from PRS in Maryland. Both perfect out of the box and have yet to need any adjustment.
  17. Nice F Holes

    Coil Splitting a Hollowbody II Piezo

    @TugBoat you made a good choice. I always said I couldn’t justify a Core hollowbody, but the SE HB is the guitar that put me on the path to changing that. It inspires me to play more, and to play better. The pickups on the SE HB are a very good match for the guitar. And not every pickup sounds...
  18. Nice F Holes

    Coil Splitting a Hollowbody II Piezo

    Mine is setup with a mini toggle like PRS does to their core models (the guitar I mentioned above was replaced.) It’s perfect and I wouldn't change a thing. I went simple and just have 1 switch to tap both pickups. 3 HB tones, 3 single coil tones, plus piezo is plenty for me. I thought about...
  19. Nice F Holes

    Strap choice

    Give it a pair of boots and I need a new keyboard. I must have inadvertently entered the Adult Guitar forum. They should have a warning somewhere.
  20. Nice F Holes

    Does PRS SE Hollowbody II neck dive?

    Old thread but more data never hurts: I’ve had three SE HBII Piezos and they are/were all slightly different. The first one (no longer have) required a suede strap and I was shopping for lighter tuners/buttons; I’d have called the neck dive ‘slight.’ The second one has a much heavier body and...