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  1. Texsunburst59

    NUGD: I’ve gone full clownburst

    Congrats Gm3 !!!! That guitar looks amazing. I also have a Clownburst, but it’s a DGT. The CB definitely can look way different depending on the lighting. Here’s a couple of pictures of mine. My ‘09 DGT 10-Top
  2. Texsunburst59

    What are some of the non-PRS guitars in your collection?

    Here’s what’s in my collection other than my PRS guitars. '49 Martin A Style Mandolin '76 S.L. Mossman Great Plains '78 Gibson Gospel '81 Martin 7-28 ( 7/8 D-28 ) ‘81 Sigma DM3 ‘02 Taylor Baby '03 Taylor Jumbo Custom '04 Ramirez 1-E Classical '09 Breedlove Roots OM/SR acoustic/electric ‘15...
  3. Texsunburst59

    Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney Tx.

    I do live in Texas ,so I’ll have to pay the tax,but that’s OK. The Fiore is such a great guitar, I’ll have it sooner than later.
  4. Texsunburst59

    Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney Tx.

    No, Brian wasn’t around, but I wish I could have met him. Maybe next time. Andy Timmons and Mark Lettieri both frequent GS, so maybe next time I’ll catch one of them.
  5. Texsunburst59

    Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney Tx.

    No I didn’t. But now that I’ve auditioned the Fiore and loved it, it’s possible that I could end up buying one next time I visit our friends.
  6. Texsunburst59

    Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney Tx.

    I got to finally visit GS after years of wanting to see the store. We have some great friends that live in Paris Tx. ,who we’re staying with, who live about 1 hr. away . I was very impressed with the high end PRS guitars they have in stock. I went there with the intent of checking out the...
  7. Texsunburst59

    Your best score of 2023

    My one and only score of ‘23. I’ve been wanting a Martin D-28 for a very long time. I finally scored this in almost mint condition for a CRAZY low price. My ‘15 Martin Centennial DC - 28E
  8. Texsunburst59

    I Need To Talk About My DGT.

    I was lucky enough to pick up my ‘09 DGT Sunburst 10-Top a few years back , for about 1/2 of what they go for used these days. Out of my 40+ guitars in my collection, this is easily in the top 5, and one of the most totally versatile guitars as well.
  9. Texsunburst59

    And I happened to visit a Pawn shop in a sleepy little town and....

    What Anderson Model and year, and how much? Inquiring minds would like to know.
  10. Texsunburst59

    Suhr vs James Tyler vs PRS

    Winner of worst headstock and body color = Tyler
  11. Texsunburst59

    Santana II Private Stock !!!

    Not mine. I just thought I’d share in case anyone is interested. https://sanantonio.craigslist.org/msg/d/san-antonio-prs-santana-ii-private-stock/7648727742.html
  12. Texsunburst59

    Could you seriously live with this?

    The rotting Spam Limited Ed. Top.
  13. Texsunburst59

    One of the best music stores to purchase PRS guitars

    I don’t know about being the best in the USA, but they’re definitely the best in Texas. https://www.theguitarsanctuary.com/PRS-Guitars-s/51.htm
  14. Texsunburst59

    NuGD.....all due to you fine folks!

    That’s a killer score Bodia for an awesome looking guitar. Congrats and enjoy the beauty.
  15. Texsunburst59

    NGD: PRS Myles Kennedy

    Congrats on your new MK. Really love the color on it as well.
  16. Texsunburst59

    My Gibson is just sucking!

    In my opinion, SG’s do suck very hard. I really tried to like them, and have actually owned 3 models. They’re all gone now and I’ll never own another one. I realized they’re just not for me. YMMV.
  17. Texsunburst59


    Congrats, Bodia. I think you picked the right color and I love the grain on the top.
  18. Texsunburst59

    Did Another Thing

    Congrats on a very nice guitar. Is that a root beer top, or a shade of red?
  19. Texsunburst59


    Congrats on the new DGT.