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  1. dbonanno

    The Deep Dish II Pickup

    Sorry to dig up an old thread but what are these pickups worth? The eBay listing that was posted says $30? That can't be right.
  2. dbonanno

    Zach Myers demoing his AMAZING!! new SE

    I hope you're right. I really have my sights on this guitar but I also play through a dual rectifier at hi gain a majority of the time, so feedback is a concern.
  3. dbonanno

    Zach Myers demoing his AMAZING!! new SE

    Gig bags suck. There. I said it. :)
  4. dbonanno

    PRS SE Tremonti Customi or SE 245

    Differences go far beyond trem vs. no trem. They are two totally different guitars. Biggest difference IMO is neck carve and scale. I strongly suggest playing them both before making your purchase.
  5. dbonanno

    PRS SE Tremonti Custom - Replacements

    Mods I did to mine ... * PRS 1985 T/B reissue pickups * Switchcraft and CTS electronics * Re-configured vol/tone controls ala LP * Schaller strap locks * Tusq nut * PRS Phase II tuners * Refinished headstock (PRS Signature) * Personalized TRC * Ebony tuner buttons (not pictured)
  6. dbonanno

    Help me decide on a singlecut

    Should have went with the Tremonti. I have a hard time with the wide/fat necks as well. The SC245 is a beautiful guitar but I really think you're going to have buyers remorse because of the neck. I hope I'm wrong.
  7. dbonanno

    Were Regular neck profiles available on mid-90s CE-22s?

    What is a "regular" neck profile? :confused:
  8. dbonanno

    Why are some artist models only "SE" versions

    Based on a lot things I've read on different guitar forums over the years, I think PRS owners have developed a reputation of being "cork sniffers". I've read/heard comments that the majority of people who own PRS instruments are often doctors, lawyers, and professionals who earn a handsome...
  9. dbonanno

    The White Rabbit

    Dude, that is SICK! :congrats:
  10. dbonanno

    Tremonti tuning tips

    All depends on your style of playing, I guess. I grew up playing guitars with Floyd Rose trems that were "decked", meaning the baseplate sat flush with the body thus preventing it from being pulled up. Playing a guitar with a floating trem just feels "spongy" and unstable to me. I would also...
  11. dbonanno

    Tremonti tuning tips

    I will say that when I installed mine, I had to plug and redrill the holes for the trem claw. Not a big deal and well worth it to be able to use the tremol-no, IMO. Another option may be to just use an "L" bracket and allen screw, like shown below.
  12. dbonanno

    Tremonti tuning tips

    I installed a Tremol-no and set it up to dive only. It helps tuning stability and eliminates worries of all your strings going out of tune should you break a string. Floating trems are cool if your Steve Vai but seriously ... how often do any of you pull up on the trem?
  13. dbonanno

    Tremol-no users, please help!

    I have a Tremol-no on my Tremonti SE Custom ... no problems. I'd suggest NOT taking all the strings off when changing strings. Just change them one at a time to help ensure consistant pressure on the Tremol-no.
  14. dbonanno

    Gibson 57 Classic Pickups in a PRS?

    I put a pair in my SE245 and they were just "okay". A little weak and not enough mids and/or definition. I ended up putting a PRS Deep Dish II in the bridge and man, what a difference! To answer your question ... I think you'll be disappointed.
  15. dbonanno

    New SE TRemonti

    I received that same exact flier in the mail ... it's a misprint.
  16. dbonanno

    NGD: Let me inroduce the SCF!

    That's AWESOME! I so wanna do this to my Tremonti SE Custom.
  17. dbonanno

    Tremol-No install Ques?

    I installed one on my Tremonti SE Custom. Had to dowel and redrill for the new trem claw. Not a big deal but it made an "easy install"a little more time consuming. Good product though ... works like a charm! :) Victek, The Tremonti SE Custom has a floating trem. The Tremol-no enables me to...
  18. dbonanno

    Installed a MannMade Trem on my Tremonti Custom SE

    Thanks! After seeing yours and reading your review, I'm seriously considering the new trem. Thanks for the post! :)
  19. dbonanno

    Installed a MannMade Trem on my Tremonti Custom SE

    Looks great! I also dealt with Jack at Northeast when I bought my Tremonti SE Custom .... great guy and awesome service! I did a few mods to mine as well and I really love this guitar, especially the wide/thin neck! * PRS 1985 Reissue T/B pickups * Rewired all controls ala Les Paul *...