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  1. Slow Dog Noodle

    Man Plays Guitar During Brain Surgery

    I definitely would at least have teased Brain Damage by the floyd.
  2. Slow Dog Noodle

    New tuning buttons

    Didn't read the whole thread, but one thing that struck me was that Paul mentioned that going to these lighter buttons improved the balance of the guitar. But one of my main criticisms of my Custom 24 is that playing sitting down, the guitar is weightier towards the bridge, which makes it a...
  3. Slow Dog Noodle

    What are some of the non-PRS guitars in your collection?

    2019 American Deluxe Strat - or whatever they were calling them at the time 1993 Studio Les Paul 2017 Deluxe Telecaster 1995 Gibson ES-135 2009 Martin HD-28
  4. Slow Dog Noodle

    What are some other guitar forums you visit?

    I visit the Acoustic Guitar Players forum from time to time. Its got some good mojo going.
  5. Slow Dog Noodle

    Do you name your guitars?

    I kind of went the opposite route and named my kids after guitars. Parker Fly is in 7th, Martin Dreadnought is in 5th grade and Little PRS Custom 24 is in 3rd grade now. These days no one even bats an eye when I pick them up from their children's bowling league, or school.
  6. Slow Dog Noodle

    Delphi, we have a problem.

    Was hoping this thread would fall off the face of the earth...
  7. Slow Dog Noodle

    74 today! Think I'll build a guitar!

    HBD I would think this is grounds for a new guitar.
  8. Slow Dog Noodle

    Best Showrooms

    For my money, Chicago Music Exchange is the best. That $10,000 private stock on the wall over there? Yeah, no need to ask a sales team member. Just grab it off the wall and take it for a spin. The acoustic room is sweet too, but for some reason every time I go in there someone's trying to sell...
  9. Slow Dog Noodle

    How am I having this problem?

    Ok, I have something to admit too. And this thread feels like a circle of people in an old YMCA gym with notepads and lots of strong coffee. I played for about 30 years before I got by first PRS. During the shutdown I was playing more and had more cash, and so splashed out for a core 35th...
  10. Slow Dog Noodle

    Can you work with your spouse???

    I thought it was pretty much conventional wisdom at this point not to dip your pen in the company ink. Its no doubt a great place to meet a SO. I met my wife at work, but once we started dating one of us had to go. Too much potential for negative consequences, both personal and professional.
  11. Slow Dog Noodle

    Delphi, we have a problem.

    I, for one have been touched by his noodly appendage.
  12. Slow Dog Noodle

    True or False?

    OK, so that means that our whole solar system could be like, one tiny atom in the fingernail of some other giant being? This is nuts!
  13. Slow Dog Noodle

    Yessir, Jerry Gigs His PRS Too!

    Am I the only one who expected to see a photoshopped PRS dragon over a classic Jerry Garcia pic?
  14. Slow Dog Noodle

    Delphi, we have a problem.

    I've never been to the PRS factory, but I do believe that exists. And its definitely flat if viewed from space. Makes one wonder how they could possibly make guitars in a one-dimensional factory. But I have one, so it must have come from somewhere. Unless the government is really making them and...
  15. Slow Dog Noodle

    Delphi, we have a problem.

    CCR is just trolling. Sad though that the need for attention gums up an otherwise functioning guitar conversation forum.
  16. Slow Dog Noodle

    LP tone

    I think of Slash. Just saw him and G&R at Wrigley Field. Was amazed at the tone he was putting out there in a stadium setting. Just totally killer sound from his arsenal. And he had one pedal, a wha that he used occasionally. So impressive. I'd throw Duane Allman in there too - I see Lew did above.
  17. Slow Dog Noodle

    Delphi, we have a problem.

    Maybe for those who believe the US staged the moon landing it'd be hard to believe India got there too.
  18. Slow Dog Noodle

    Delphi, we have a problem.

    Believe what is real?
  19. Slow Dog Noodle

    My all time musical genius is...

    Chester Burton Atkins