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  1. Fox77

    7 and 8 strings in Private Stock pricelist

    Yes, they are very expensive. But it may be a move into the right direction (i.e. a 7-string core model).
  2. Fox77

    7 and 8 strings in Private Stock pricelist

    Hi, Did anyone notice that the 2017 pricelist (page 14) mentions these models for Private Stock? http://www.prsguitars.com/csc/prs_2017_prices.pdf Cheers!
  3. Fox77

    Tremonti Baritone Hybrid Limited Run

    Just bought another guitar last week, so when I saw the announcement my first thought was that this comes a week too late. But since it has only 0.5" more scale length, I'll stick with my SC250. That sounds great in all drop tunings (I went as low as Drop B). Cool guitar though!
  4. Fox77

    What PRS model is this?

    Great, thanks! Only saw the video, not the blog post.
  5. Fox77

    What PRS model is this?

    Good morning all, Just saw this video: Looks like an ME2, but with an extra singlecoil and a 5-way blade switch. Never seen one like this before. Does anybody know this model? Cheers!
  6. Fox77

    PRS + High Gain, favourite pickups?

    all my guitars have their stock pickups, but my ME2 with barenuckle juggernauts for drop C# sounds like the hammer of god :D
  7. Fox77

    NAMM 2016 Predictions

    Hey Hans, Whereabouts in Germany? Maybe we can get some of the German forum members together. I just moves back here after 11 years abroad. Cheers and I hope you and your family enjoy it here!
  8. Fox77

    Hans' Winter NAMM 2015 Blog

  9. Fox77

    New 2014 products already up!!

    Is the rosewood neck for the Cu24 now only available via the Artist Package? It's not listed as an option on the Cu24 page anymore. It is still there on the Cu22 page.
  10. Fox77

    PRS announces the high-gain Archon amplifier

    Cool, thanks. Couldn't display that site at work.
  11. Fox77

    New 2014 products already up!!

    The Artist Pack options are confusing. P22 states no pickup substitution. Later on however, it says you can get 59/09s. Also, is there no pickup choice for the SC250? Wondering whether the SC250 is chambered.
  12. Fox77

    PRS announces the high-gain Archon amplifier

    Does anyone know which speakers are used in those 4x12s?
  13. Fox77

    NGD: PS #4249, DC 245 Siggy!!

    Said it over at VR, but it deserves praise here as well: Awesome guitar!
  14. Fox77

    Old Skool SK8

    Just found out that there are also World Industries reissue decks, including the Barnyard - Yeah baby yeah! http://www.worldindustries.com/product/skate/decks3/reissues/mike-vallely-barnyard.html
  15. Fox77

    What is wrong with these two set lists?

    But would you shorten Freebird at the end? Not many audiences will be happy if the band indulges in 10 minute guitar solos...
  16. Fox77

    What is it with guitar players and too much distortion?

    LOL !! :D Just to be clear: I'm guilty of using too much gain as well haha
  17. Fox77

    What is it with guitar players and too much distortion?

    Yup, have experienced this as well. Another issue is that a lot of people use chorus and delay to hide a really bad clean sound but make it only worse. Any of these bands, if they gig often, should know that what (maybe) sounds good at home will sound completely different in a band context...
  18. Fox77

    what is wrong with me? zero GAS?

    Well, judging from your signature you've got all the bases pretty much covered :D
  19. Fox77

    My Current PRS Guitars and Amp Rig

    Gotta love blue PRSi! Awesome!