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  1. Clint

    Mystery Archtop

    I love the natural finish. I had a CE22 in natural, I wish I'd never sold it... (sigh)
  2. Clint

    How Many PRS Guitars Do You Have... compared to all other brands?

    5 PRS: 2000 CU22 Artist 2005 CU 22/12 2006 513 2006 Singlecut Trem 20th Anniversary 2008 SC245 Artist 4 Fender 3 Gibson 1 Tom Anderson 1 Suhr 1 Gretsch 1 Carvin It looks like about 31% are PRS.
  3. Clint

    MODCAT Decoders

    Here's another addition to your database: SXM2F-HFI2T_EG_N6-6X It is a 2006 20th anniversary Singlecut Trem in Emerald Green with the 20th "Birds in Flight" inlay, non-10 top, PRS #6 T & B p/u. I have not seen another 20th Anniversary Singlecut Trem, so I'm pretty sure this is a somewhat rare...