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  1. LerxstFan

    NGD - DGT Keeper

    Belated NGD! This a '23 DGT Wood Library, ziracote fretboard and roasted maple neck with a satin finish. I've had this guitar for a weeks and love the sounds and feel. I've had two other DGT's that I've let go, but this one is a keeper. Love these pickups and control layout! I have other PRS...
  2. LerxstFan

    Disappointment ! Rip Theguitarshop.

    That is sad news. Brent and his crew were great. That's where I got my 59/09 and one of their Limited '85 Tribute guitars. They had some amazing PRS and cool amps over the years.
  3. LerxstFan

    Tremolo bridge height adjustments and spring claw screw tension for floating bridge

    This is a timely read. I just picked up a new to me, DGT and I want to lower the action, but also want to preserve the best position for the string going over the saddles. I don't want to mess with the knife edge screws so I'll bring the guitar to John Mann and have him do a set up and lower the...
  4. LerxstFan

    Custom 24 Artist finish faded from 'blue matteo' to 'dull grey' in 4 years - options?

    I found the spec sheet for the 59/09 and confirmed the nitro finish is quite thin. "Ultra-thin" in fact, lol. Definitely not like the newer more durable nitro they use now on many models.
  5. LerxstFan

    DGT Finish Strength

    My 59/09 has a thin satin nitro finish (non-gloss) and faded a lot over the last 14 years. All my other PRS with the poly finishes have not faded at all. I think a lot of the fading / wear depends on guitar color, sun exposure, and how much use the guitar gets. I have a used ’23 DGT on the way...
  6. LerxstFan

    Fractal fractal

    Love Fractal and their gear! Cliff is a mad genius and has a great team! Gigged with an Axe 8 and then picked up an Axe-Fx III and FC-12 a few years ago and love it. The tones and options get better with each firmware update. What frankencat said - Congrats and welcome!
  7. LerxstFan

    Let's see the family photos!

    The DGT has moved on, but the maple neck was sweet. I love satin finishes on guitar necks!
  8. LerxstFan

    Custom 24 Artist finish faded from 'blue matteo' to 'dull grey' in 4 years - options?

    This guitar has been played and loved a lot. I‘ve been to a few PRS open houses and events in New England, and as Paul has said, “Every guitar has a story. Don’t let yours have a boring one.” This one is still being gigged. Has the original 59/09 in the neck and DGT in the bridge. Sounds as good...
  9. LerxstFan

    Let's see the family photos!

    This is a photo from last year. A few guitars have since moved on. I've added a Nash and a few burst PRS - I'm branching out from the blues : )
  10. LerxstFan

    Custom 24 Artist finish faded from 'blue matteo' to 'dull grey' in 4 years - options?

    The 59/09 is the only PRS I've had that has faded, but it also has a paper thin nitro finish that my finger wore through to the wood right below the treble pickup in only a few months, but that's from playing the guitar a lot. I had it in the sun over the years at gigs and never thought about...
  11. LerxstFan

    Custom 24 Artist finish faded from 'blue matteo' to 'dull grey' in 4 years - options?

    It's been said, and well documented, that some blue stained guitars can fade - truth : ) Here is my 59/09. The Faded Blue Jean has faded a lot, but the guitar has been gigged and played outside a lot. I'm considering sending it to PRS to be restored to the brilliant original faded blue jean color.
  12. LerxstFan

    Question about 20th custom 24 color?

    I found a pic of my guitar - I hope this link works!
  13. LerxstFan

    Question about 20th custom 24 color?

    I have a P24 Stoptail in what PRS calls Vintage Smokeburst which looks nearly identical to the OP's guitar.
  14. LerxstFan

    OLD NEWS - PRS in the 80's

    The Floyd was a sign of the times back then, but I don’t think that was ever offered as an option on the early PRS guitars?
  15. LerxstFan

    My favorite PRS model

    I had an older black SAS with a vintage tinted neck and fret board - a nice deep honey color and an amazing flamed board. Very bright and Strat like on the single coil sounds and nice tones on the bridge humbucker. Very cool guitars. My current favorite is my DGT stop tail from Wildwood, and a...
  16. LerxstFan

    Tell me about 57/08 Pickups

    I never played 57/08’s until I got a CU22 with a maple neck and Brazilian fretboard. Instead of leaving the guitar as is, I swapped in a DGT and old 59/09 in the neck. Guitar became bright and way more Strat sounding, which is not what I was going for. Swapped the 57/08’s back in and the guitar...
  17. LerxstFan

    OLD NEWS - PRS in the 80's

    I thought it was a cool article because of the mention of potentially working with Kramer Guitars and also how he cracked the pickup code with Orkie back in the early days. Not to mention the Floyd Rose on that Custom 24.
  18. LerxstFan

    OLD NEWS - PRS in the 80's

    Found this old Musician article. Very cool blast from the past!
  19. LerxstFan

    What PRS pickup has less high end? The 59/09 or the 57/08? And other questions

    I just picked up a CU22 with 57/08's and compared them to my '09 Experience guitar. The 57/08's are warmer and not as hot as the 59/09s. I'm still comparing them and need to adjust the pickup/pole heights a little, but when I played the guitars side by side through my preamp, there was a clear...
  20. LerxstFan

    Curious about some older pickups--Treble/Bass and Dragon

    I had a old McRosie with DI pups and they were the loudest and most aggressive PRS pickups I have played. Full, and thick distortion from the bridge pickup, and a fat clean and lead tone from the neck pickup. The bridge didn't clean up well because it was so hot. They were not vintage sounding...