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  1. Schwarze Katze studio

    NGD workhorse hollow

    Nice looking guitar! The hollows are so comfortable.
  2. Schwarze Katze studio

    First time PRS guitar purchase and looking for some help in which to consider!

    A used Dave Navarro SE would work as well. It has a pretty thin neck from what I remember. You have a very nice looking guitar there.
  3. Schwarze Katze studio

    Let’s see your PRS family Photos!

    My SE C24 and SE Hollowbody II Piezo. The C24 has had a full setup and fret level. Changed resistors and swapped in Vaughn Skow pickups. Nothing yet to the Piezo but considering taps, selector for outputs and locking tuners.
  4. Schwarze Katze studio

    I passed!!

    Congratulations on being cleared to play again. Remember that you are still healing and it will take time to rebuild the strength and dexterity. Be persistent but patient. Maybe try some extra slinky or .008 strings for a bit. Another possibility would be a shorter scale as well. A 24 inch...
  5. Schwarze Katze studio

    SE 594!!!!!!!

    Yeah, SE is a gateway guitar. Now we move up to S2. Soon, full blown custom builds LOL! Such a slippery slope.
  6. Schwarze Katze studio

    SE 594!!!!!!!

    Cool! What finish did you get? Dying for the call from Sweetwater.
  7. Schwarze Katze studio

    SE Hollowbody Piezo hook up?

    I would think so. I have the fx only model but I could see creating another path for the acoustic. I would still try using an aux output for the acoustic to let the engineer eq and level set separately.
  8. Schwarze Katze studio

    Is there ever a scenario where repair cost out ways the amp?

    Yes but usually solid state. I have an ancient Marshall combo that would cost more to recap than it's worth. Most techs will let you know when the water gets too deep.
  9. Schwarze Katze studio

    New guitar day!

    Nice!! Never seen one before. Enjoy.
  10. Schwarze Katze studio

    SE Hollowbody Piezo hook up?

    You could do a small board with fx into a Stomp, Iridium or some amp simulation to direct box for the electric signal. For the piezo side straight to a di box or an acoustic di by LR Baggs or Fishman. They let you add eq as the piezo has no tone control.
  11. Schwarze Katze studio

    DI for Custom 24 Piezo

    You can work with about any decent di box. Whirlwind makes good passive boxes. Countryman or Warm audio are good for a bit more. LR Baggs builds the piezo unit for PRS and they have some nice active di's that would work well for you and allow you some control over the sound before it gets to...
  12. Schwarze Katze studio

    New amp

    Nice playing!! Amp sounds like it has tons of headroom. Comp and drive really compliment each other.
  13. Schwarze Katze studio

    New Member? Welcome! Info about your new account inside

    No problem, I'd say my biggest influence is Page but I'm A life long SG player. Angus I lean more towards the Bon Scott era but Back in Black is the stuff. VH , love them all but the first 2 are unreal. I really dig lots of stuff. Zep, Floyd, Who, Rush, Sabbath, Pumpkins, Sugar, Joe Jackson...
  14. Schwarze Katze studio

    New Member? Welcome! Info about your new account inside

    LOL! I promise I ain't all that. If in doubt my wife will back me up. I stepped out of music for a while and just trying to ease back in for enjoyment vs a living.
  15. Schwarze Katze studio

    New Member? Welcome! Info about your new account inside

    Thanks! Private Stock looks jaw dropping!! Woods, finishes and prices. Yeah, I'm even later to the party than you but better late than never.
  16. Schwarze Katze studio

    New Member? Welcome! Info about your new account inside

    Hi all, Rob Easterday, recording engineer/producer, former tour engineer. I play out on occasion but not much anymore. Decent collection of guitars, amps, effects, and recording gear. I'm a bit of a mod junky on guitars. 2 PRS SE's and 2 S2's on order. Love lots of styles of music. Studio work...
  17. Schwarze Katze studio

    SE 594!!!!!!!

    I love the SE for the price point. I have a SE C24 that was nice out of the box. Had a local Luther do a setup, intonation, and fret level. That really improved it for me. Last, I didn't hate the 85/15s but not exactly my taste. Swapped in some Vaughn Skow pickups along with the included...