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  1. Kalamazuu

    I did a thing. Blasphemed, maybe, but did a thing...

    Looks sweet, I had a chance to play one! What pickups are in it?
  2. Kalamazuu

    Early 90's STD 24 or 1988 CE24?

    I'm guessing it's the white CE24 or the red Standard? Personally I'd go for the White CE24 I think. I like the look better and don't have any maple neck guitars or bolt ons. What do you have currently?
  3. Kalamazuu

    NGD: Tremonti Artist

    All three of those look stunning. And I really dig the natural back on that too
  4. Kalamazuu

    NGD - DC 594 10-Top in Honey

    Congrats! Enjoy it, that sure is a nice top!
  5. Kalamazuu

    '97 Custom 24 - First PRS!

    This was the lowest priced Custom 24 I saw when I was looking. I paid $1600 plus shipping and tax which brought it to almost $1800
  6. Kalamazuu

    '97 Custom 24 - First PRS!

    Awesome thanks for sharing! I'll check when it needs new strings for sure. Purple would've been cool but I like the red too
  7. Kalamazuu

    '97 Custom 24 - First PRS!

    Gotcha, I would've been surprised on a guitar like this, I usually only see them on higher tier models. I didn't reload the page before my last reply so I didn't see your earlier comment
  8. Kalamazuu

    '97 Custom 24 - First PRS!

    Thanks for the info, that's awesome if it has a Braz board!
  9. Kalamazuu

    '97 Custom 24 - First PRS!

    Thanks for the info guys. I'm a little surprised how different it sounds from my LP style guitar. I knew it would be different and I'm glad it is. Granted there's a lot of factors, different pickups and everything too.
  10. Kalamazuu

    '97 Custom 24 - First PRS!

    Just got my first PRS! A 1997 Custom 24 After looking at a bunch I was going to get an S2, then came across this and it was quite a bit less expensive than most others I had seen so I jumped on it. I was quite nervous about the Wide Thin neck since there were no PRSs in town to try out, but I...
  11. Kalamazuu

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone! Just joined today and I'm new to PRS as of 3 days ago! I got the bug about a month or so ago and did a bunch of reading and am now the proud owner of a '97 Custom 24. NGD thread coming later today. I've been on the mylespaul forum under the same name off and on for 10 years...
  12. Kalamazuu

    NGD - SE Paul's Trampas Green- Anniversary Guitar

    I love that green color! That's a great gift sounds like you'll get some great sounds and play time out of it!
  13. Kalamazuu

    NGD...and new to PRS!

    Sounds very cool. I just got my first too, and like you there were none locally to try out. Very interested in seeing some pics!
  14. Kalamazuu

    NGD - Finally!

    That green top is wild! The back has great grain too! Congrats
  15. Kalamazuu

    NGD: Custom 24 Artist

    Absolutely beautiful! That's a dream guitar right there!