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  1. Whitecat

    Where to find more info about the Core Starla?

    They were introduced in 2008, and I believe production ceased either at the very end of 2012 or early 2013, so almost five years of manufacture. As mentioned, exact numbers won't be available. There were a few variants of the basic Core model over that timespan as well - a stoptail version with...
  2. Whitecat

    Prs P90s

    The 594 soapbars are a serious step-up from the ones they used to use. I honestly can't believe that they could better those.
  3. Whitecat

    Standard vs 10 vs Artist grade tops

    Pretty sure this is a pervasive myth. Tops are graded without regard to percentages of shipments. Generally a ‘less-good’ 10-Top is probably a victim of carving... sometimes the figure doesn’t go deep enough to look “perfect.” Conversely, very occasionally tops are “upgraded” during the build...
  4. Whitecat

    Most advanced guitar ever...

    Didn't Taylor try to do fairly easily-swappable pickups on their solidbody electrics quite a few years ago? Those didn't do so well, did they... and they were made from normal wood too...
  5. Whitecat

    Roasted Maple SE’s!

    Strange since they are using it in Private Stock now... https://forums.prsguitars.com/threads/buckeye-burl-594-roasted-neck.37373/
  6. Whitecat

    Peach guitars giveaway

    The contest you speak of (being advertised on Facebook) is not being administered by (the excellent) Peach Guitars. I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole, it’s most likely a scam and should be reported to Facebook as such.
  7. Whitecat

    Modern Eagle V

  8. Whitecat

    What’s your favorite se?

    The only one I ever opened my wallet for was the 277 soapbar...
  9. Whitecat

    New to the forum and considering a Vela

    Your Stripper will have a Pattern profile, the Vela has Pattern Regular which is narrower at the nut, but the same depth. The shoulders will feel different as a result too. The Vela is not the worst sub in the world for a Telecaster or a Gretsch-type sound. It's got more cut and more sparkle...
  10. Whitecat

    Prs Knaggs Acoustic Prototype

    Interesting observation! The Chesapeake prototypes were very much Joe's own project as I understand it, so could be why Paul didn't necessarily sign all of them...
  11. Whitecat

    Prs Knaggs Acoustic Prototype

    Holy wow that's stunning. Definitely gonna have a different sound to the Tonares/Angeluses of the world... As mentioned, Joe is still building these, but only "to order" with long lead times I've been told. Acoustics are still a bit of a side project. Was nice of Paul to let him keep the...
  12. Whitecat

    NGD: Pleasantly surprised

    Here's another inexpensive "make it slightly easier" Bigsby restring solution - especially good if you don't like the look of the Vibratmate spoiler... as they say, it's slightly less elegant to use on the import Bigsbys but still works. http://stringraytool.com Anyway, congrats - love these...
  13. Whitecat

    PRS S2 Studio ... no more in 2019

    Sorry, wasn't clear about that, it's the electronics that are back-mounted/wired. Pickups dropped in on top and then wiring all done on the rear, rather than loading the pickguard first and then just having to drop that on and wire it all up to the controls/jack.
  14. Whitecat

    PRS S2 Studio ... no more in 2019

    The pickups are mounted on the pickguard which is then mounted on the top, like a Fender guitar. Pretty normal for any guitar with a direct-mounted pickguard. Back-loading pickups adds expense to the guitar.
  15. Whitecat

    Are build you own PRS kits legal?

    Failure to enforce a trademark weaken's that trademark's protection. In the case of dots, trapezoids, whatever - those things may have never been trademarked in the first place, so no, they are not protected, and if they were ever protected, certainly that protection is minimal now due to the...
  16. Whitecat

    PRS SE 277 2017 Limited (ebony)

    - Yes, it's an ebony veneer on top of maple. - It was a Europe-only run... I guess they worked out how many they thought would sell and went from there. - Nope, otherwise just like a regular one. Don't absolutely know about the bridge swap, I'm sure it's possible as tonnes of people have done...
  17. Whitecat

    What's your favorite neck profile?

    Wide/Fat, definitely. Pattern and Regular/Pattern Regular are second... but I prefer the meat on the shoulders of the W/F that Pattern seems to have tapered off somewhat, on average.