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  1. strat63

    For The Love of McCarty‘s

    That's a nice looking guitar but it seems priced on the high side. Either way, Here's my 99 with BRW neck. One of my favorites.
  2. strat63

    Brazilian Rosewood Mccarty (limited run of 250) PICS PLEASE !!

    It's been a year so I feel like it's time to revive this thread once again. I don't remember what number mine is out of the 250
  3. strat63

    Ever notice PRS hate on other forums??

    Brand bashing happens on every guitar forum I've ever been on, including here. I do my best not to get in arguments online when I'm not going to change anyone's mind anyway. If someone thinks every PRS is sterile with a pretty top, every Gibson has QC issues, or every Fender is an overpriced...
  4. strat63

    I Need To Talk About My DGT.

    The "screws of torture" made me laugh because it's so true. I can't tell you how much blood has been spilled on my old Fender bridges. My #1 Fender is a 61 Esquire and I upgraded to a Callaham bridge and saddles in part to stop the blood letting. Most of my guitars are vintage or vintage...
  5. strat63

    Do any of you guys simply gravitate to 22 fret guitars??

    I prefer 22 (or 21) fret necks but still play CU24s. It always amazes me how much different the feel is going between them.
  6. strat63

    Dang! HDRX 20 news....

    I have the same cab and speaker in a slightly different color.
  7. strat63

    Dang! HDRX 20 news....

    You're playing that amp through one of the biggest sounding 1-12 cabs I've come across. Nice
  8. strat63

    Which PRS model is this guitar?

    They look like this:
  9. strat63

    Upgrade to Paul's Bridge on McCarty?

    One last up date on this simple upgrade. The difference in sustain is really quite significant. I didn't notice just how much it increased until I had a chance to play a little louder. Even though the set up should be nearly identical, I must have changed something.
  10. strat63

    Upgrade to Paul's Bridge on McCarty?

    I think it's just the angle of the picture. Measurements before & after are the same. There's a very real chance that I just want to hear a difference because I paid for an upgrade. Still, I feel like it was a worthy upgrade. It was a great guitar before and now I just have more of everything.
  11. strat63

    Upgrade to Paul's Bridge on McCarty?

    The new bridge arrived. It's certainly shinier than the old one. First impression is that there is definitely increased sustain. I'm not sure if anything else is much different.
  12. strat63

    It's finally here Matchless LC 40W.

    Now that you've had it for a few weeks, can you give us your impressions?
  13. strat63

    WHY? !! I absolutely hate this.

    I reached out to the seller because I assumed the price was in error. He was very friendly and answered a few of my questions. I think he's just trying to get offers on the guitar without having to come up with a firm price. Not how I'd do it.
  14. strat63

    Upgrade to Paul's Bridge on McCarty?

    What is it about that era for you? I think PRS got so much right with this model from the beginning that I've stuck with the earlier ones. It shouldn't matter, but I even find the original ones more aesthetically pleasing. The 2nd one I posted in this thread just looks right to me. I suppose...
  15. strat63

    Upgrade to Paul's Bridge on McCarty?

    It looks quite plain unless you get it in the right light and angle. A little weak for a 10 Top but I'm okay with it. I knew I was was buying it as soon as I had it in my hands. It works on so many levels for me already so I'll be interested to hear if the new bridge makes much of a difference.
  16. strat63

    Upgrade to Paul's Bridge on McCarty?

    I guess I'm going to find out because I ordered one today. The only difference now is I'm going to put it on this McCarty instead.
  17. strat63

    NDG McCarty Rosewood Neck Soapbar 10-Top Rasberry

    I'll be curious what you think of the rosewood neck compared to the others you have. My favorite PRS guitars have rosewood necks and the feel is off the charts. Not everyone loves the sound but I've got no complaints at all. The original McCarty is a modern classic in all it's iterations. Enjoy!
  18. strat63

    If You Had To Make Do...

    I'd go with this:
  19. strat63

    Who here got that Super Eagle II last week for $15K?

    I figured they added an extra digit in error at first but now the price has been raised to $85k. It's clearly not actually for sale.