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  1. John Scrip

    Motorcycle Riders..Let's SEE 'em!

    Friggin' famous... https://www.google.com/search?q=ROLBAMTMWAOBGMMPRSC24OA#filter=0&q=ROLBAMTMWAOBGMMPRSC24OA
  2. John Scrip

    New to the forum & new to PRS (SE Santana content)

    I had a 2012 SE Santana... Shouldn't have sold it off. That thing was just stupid-good. And not just "for the price" -- The thing was awesome at any price.
  3. John Scrip

    S2 Custom 24 -- vs -- Custom 24. What are your thoughts??

    Point one -- Thought the S2 C24 was very nice and a good value for the $$$. Point two -- For near the same price or maybe a couple hundred bucks more, you can get a used "core" C24 -- And I think you'd appreciate the difference. S'just me... YMMV, etc.
  4. John Scrip

    Motorcycle Riders..Let's SEE 'em!

    12,000 people die every year in the US falling down stairs. Somewhere, I have the stat for serious injuries due to musical instruments... I'll have to look for that.
  5. John Scrip

    I Believe Amps Break In. Who's With Me?

    Gotta say (and if anyone didn't know / notice, I'm a mastering engineer by trade), I never subscribed to the whole "cables make a difference" thing for the most part but I absolutely will subscribe to the GOOD QUALITY cables of PROPER LENGTH. I swapped out all of my old cable (and this was...
  6. John Scrip

    I Believe Amps Break In. Who's With Me?

    Even solid state amps "normalize" after being beaten in a bit. Speakers? Absolutely and sometimes freakishly obvious about it.
  7. John Scrip

    Whacked Off

    When I whacked mine off, the best I could do was to donate some to a guy who made fishing lures.
  8. John Scrip

    Best Strap for a Custom 24 2013?

    Levy's MSS1's -- Best I've used, bought 'em for everything.
  9. John Scrip

    Motorcycle Riders..Let's SEE 'em!

    I'll tell ya... I had my car in the shop for the better part of the last week (mysterious fuel leak problem). Been riding since. Snow, wind, rain, temps in the mid-teens at one point, lenses fogging up at stop signs and then freezing over instantly when moving... Yeah, it's actually been...
  10. John Scrip

    PRS SE Guitars

    My SE Santana was one of my favorite guitars. Right out of the box, a great piece. Sold it - Shouldn't have.
  11. John Scrip


  12. John Scrip

    The Philosopher's Stone - For Your Listening Pleasure

    It was the first book / movie in the series (although it was released as "Sorcerer's Stone" in the U.S.).
  13. John Scrip

    The Philosopher's Stone - For Your Listening Pleasure

    I'm assuming I was the only one who expected a cover of the Harry Potter theme...?
  14. John Scrip

    N(u)GD coming up --

    Happy Birthday! MFG date of 10/31/2011 -- Nice...
  15. John Scrip


    Pirate -- Easy to tweak, easy to change personalities. If the rack is out front, just get in character. Pour some wine down there occasionally.
  16. John Scrip

    Motorcycle Riders..Let's SEE 'em!

    I'm about with you there... Diminishing returns. I don't do the heated gear thing (but I'm fine in chaps & layers anyway). I think my big thing is salt... Once they start spreading salt, I'm pretty much done until it rains a bit. I have to admit though -- I sort of get off on riding...
  17. John Scrip

    Motorcycle Riders..Let's SEE 'em!

    Hell yeah. I'm in. Tweakin' the sig.
  18. John Scrip

    Motorcycle Riders..Let's SEE 'em!

    Don't know if I'm the only one noticing a trend here, but of the HD owners (3 at this point) they're all 2011's, they're all black, they're all touring models and I for one have a Custom 24 in "Black Gold" (it's also a 2011, but that's beside the point) -- I see that HANGAR18's avatar appears to...
  19. John Scrip

    Motorcycle Riders..Let's SEE 'em!

    My latest is a 2011 HD Electraglide -- Sad riding season this year... I'll bet I've barely put 5k on the thing. And I'll ride till they start dumping salt on the streets as long as I have the time (which is the "sad" part this year). On the bright side, it'll last me damn near forever at...
  20. John Scrip

    Custom TRC for the "Blackbird"

    Pretty -- And I have to admit myself, I sort of thought the forum TRC looks --- Upside-down...?