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  1. Dicey

    Headphone Use?

    I use a Strymon Iridium for headphone playing. Sounds pretty good through my Meze Noire headphones.
  2. Dicey

    Anyone switch to SS Amps over the years??

    I've got a Roland Micro Cube I use for improptu practicing. Been pretty happy with what I can get out of that I'm in the process of looking into something like a Strymon Iridium for headphone playing. Still trying to decide what I'd do with that setup as the idea of a dedicated preamp pedal is...
  3. Dicey

    Photos, let's see 'em

    Image from the aquarium at the California Science Center.
  4. Dicey

    First Klon for Sale

    Just lots on kloncentration and it.
  5. Dicey

    What is your next PRS and why?

    A S2 594 would be interesting but not in a big rush for anything after getting the 89' CE24 a couple months ago.
  6. Dicey

    First Klon for Sale

    All Along the Klontower
  7. Dicey

    First Klon for Sale

    Put a Klon in it.
  8. Dicey

    Strings!!! Whatcha’ using?

    Use NYXL 10s on most of my guitars. Yet to see how those will be on the CE-24 but will try it out soon.
  9. Dicey

    Photos, let's see 'em

    I'll chip in something to this thread.
  10. Dicey

    Ok am I crazy ? PRS SE Hollowbody upgrades contemplated...

    No reason to avoid making changes if there's something you don't like about a guitar.
  11. Dicey

    '89 PRS CE24 in Transparent Red

    Thanks all! It plays great though need to look at cleaning the rotary. It's a little spotty in the middle position.
  12. Dicey

    '89 PRS CE24 in Transparent Red

    As promised in the Early CE Bridge Parts and Introduction threads.
  13. Dicey

    Introduce yourself!

    I should probably introduce myself. I've been reading these forums for a few years, but only just recent got my first PRS. A 1989 CE24 in transparent red with what appear to be the original Standard pickups in it. I've been playing moderately for the past 6 or 7 years with an acoustic and a...
  14. Dicey

    Early CE Bridge Parts

    I'll give John a call then when I have the guitar in hand. And of course I'll share pictures once its here!
  15. Dicey

    The Vox AC30. 5 Watt World's a short history featuring my PRS

    It looked and sounded great on the video!
  16. Dicey

    Early CE Bridge Parts

    Hi all, Been lurking for awhile and finally joining the realm of PRS ownership. I have an older (1989) CE24 coming soon that I'll need to get a couple of bridge parts for. Looking at John Mann's parts, should I expect that parts that work for Core guitars to work for this CE24? Thanks for the...