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  1. MGDB


    a few months ago I purchased a '92 EG2 with two domino's and a HFS. The domino's sound great, but when I engage the HFS the tone is too bright. I realize that the wood plays a part in this, considering my CE24 with HFS/VB sounds amazing. My question is, has anyone else had this same issue...
  2. MGDB


    Has anyone had any experience with installing a set of Whole Lotta Humbuckers in a Custom 24 with a 5 way blade?
  3. MGDB

    Nitro Finish??

    Thanks everyone
  4. MGDB

    SE Mods

    Putting a Seymour Duncan Custom P90 in my SE Korina One, and changing the wiring harness
  5. MGDB

    Nitro Finish??

    What's up everyone? I'm new to PRS guitars and to the forum. I recently aquired 2 CE-24's, one being a 1996 model, and the other a 2002 model that had been modded with Johnny Hiland PRS pickups, Kluson Locking Tunners, and a 3 way toggle / coil tap (my favorite of the two). Anyway, these two...