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  1. Lacire

    Installing Pickup Ring Springs - What’s the Secret?

    I made two of these along time ago by cutting a small piece of square aluminum tubbing in half, then drilled and filed the holes. I also added a thin piece of cork so it couldn’t scratch the top of the pickup ring, they worked for me. You can also buy them from StewMac.
  2. Lacire

    PRS In Church?

    I really don’t remember exactly when I got it but somewhere around 2000 give or a year or two……… I’ve slept some since then :rolleyes:. It wasn’t clean and pristine but not to beat up. The Jensen I found on eBay.
  3. Lacire

    PRS In Church?

    My wife gave me a hard look when I told her I was buying a used amp for $100, we didn’t have a lot of money and the guy wouldn’t budge off the price. The one I have has a 10” speaker and no reverb. When I got it the original speaker had been replaced with a Pyle brand speaker but I was able to...
  4. Lacire

    PRS In Church?

    I have an original blackface Princeton amp from 1964 that I’ve played for years, one of my favorite amps, always found it loud enough for most places and light enough to carry in one hand. The more you use it the more you’ll come to enjoy it, throw in a couple pedals and it covers a lot of bases.
  5. Lacire

    Saddle height problem

    Thats a good point.
  6. Lacire

    Saddle height problem

    If the saddle is allowing you to adjust it to the radius of the fretboard and your action is were you want it then I don’t see a problem with the saddle touching the baseplate. For me and the way I play the problem I see in your picture is the height of the adjustable Allen screws. I would need...
  7. Lacire

    Big flatwound strings with a PRS SE Hollowbody Standard?

    According to what I read It has a wood block connecting the top and back which acts as the anchor point for the bridge, so it’s not really fully hollow like an acoustic guitar just mostly hollow, look inside the f holes and you should be able to see the block. I don’t think there would be any...
  8. Lacire

    Truss rod rattle on my brand new fresh out of the box SE Kingfisher

    Being able to touch the truss rod acorn nut and have the problem go away narrows your troubleshooting down. As a guitar player you’ll be adjusting truss rods forever and so you should know how to do it, there’s a lot of videos on YouTube to show you how. But If it was me and remember I don’t...
  9. Lacire

    SE 245 high e choking when playing open?

    When you put the capo on the first fret you basically kept everything on your guitar setup the same except now you‘re using the first fret as the nut. So if it fixed the problem as kirellah said above 1. you have a fret that’s to high, which now could only be the first fret, 2. the nut slot for...
  10. Lacire

    PRS In Church?

    Well, I can’t understand but a few of the words but I can hear there hearts. Thank you for posting.
  11. Lacire

    New Here! HB2 (Piezo) Question

    Thanks for getting back with us Ian and I’m glad you found the information you needed. Take care.
  12. Lacire

    PRS In Church?

    I’d suggest a pedal train jr., a hotspot, and a couple pedals with a few knobs to tweak. It would’t take long to learn, it’s easy to set up and use, it’s modular so it should be quick and easy to troubleshoot and if something breaks you can remove and replace just the bad piece.
  13. Lacire

    Bridge pickup height adjustment screw loosening over extended playing time, pickup falls into cavity

    The purpose of the spring is not only to keep the pickup height adjusted correctly but also to provide enough tension so the pickup doesn’t slip out of adjustment. If the spring has lost its tension replacing it or pulling it out and stretching it a bit may help. Another possibility is the...
  14. Lacire

    Nitro burn on headstock

    You might try going to Walmart and buying a piece of the white colored felt in the fabric department, 9”x12” for 32 cents, apply a small amount of contact adhesive to the hanger and let the adhesive set up, just enough to hold the felt in place, wrap and trim the felt to fit. Give it a couple...
  15. Lacire

    New Here! HB2 (Piezo) Question

    My opinion is you may see a change in the neck from a change in humidity or changing the gauge of strings that are on it but you should be able to compensate for that with the truss rod. The HB isn’t completely hollow, the bridge studs are anchored into a solid wood block under the top so there...
  16. Lacire

    New Here! HB2 (Piezo) Question

    I have a 2010 HBll SC with piezo, I have the neck dead flat with no relief, both bass and treble strings measures 1/32” from the bottom of the string to the top of the 12th fret, I have approximately 3/32” left of adjustment below the wraparound bridge, the pickup height on both pickups are...
  17. Lacire

    PRS In Church?

    When I was playing every week in church we were doing eight songs during each of the three services each weekend. Most of the songs never required a lead line just comping cords with a little delay, chorus, phasing or what have you. I used to make copies of our sets on cassette tapes and later...
  18. Lacire

    I had it with Reverb

    Thanks for the heads up with shipping through pirateship.com. I sell handmade leather guitar and mandolin straps on another site and always ship USPS flat rate priority mail for the included insurance and tracking. I’ll check them out next time I ship. l’ve sold a number of guitars using eBay...
  19. Lacire

    PRS In Church?

    This is a good thread you started. l won’t be able to post any pictures because I haven’t played an electric guitar in church for probably eight years or so and when I was I didn’t own a PRS, I was playing US made Hamer’s. I can contribute that my favorite Israel Houghton song I lead is “Your...
  20. Lacire

    Delay Pedals - Let's Talk Favorites!

    Wampler AnalogEcho, despite the name I’ve been told it’s digital, a Boss DD-3, my birthday present in 1989, still have it, still use it. a HBE Mimic, that’s a really nice analog delay and a T-Rex replica delay, another one I use all the time.