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  1. Therinx

    To Buy or Not to Buy

    I have the tobacky burst. I loves it. MY PRECIOUS.
  2. Therinx

    Calling All Vela Owners!

    I play everything on my Vela (well, all the music i like which is rock from the 60's through todays metal). I've hardly touched any of my other guitars in 6 months. I love that thing.
  3. Therinx

    How can you do that: Heavily blemished Private Stock CU 22

    And it's only 3 years old… that's a lot of :eek: in only 3 years.
  4. Therinx

    Where can I find a core model!?

    I live in NYC and even i have a hard time finding them. Of the places i've been to: One only stocks s2 models, one only deals in used prs, one only sells vintage guitars and they told me "PRS isn't old enough to be vintage yet", one says they stock them but there are never any there when i...
  5. Therinx

    NGD Belated - Satin Vela

    I'd have loved (preferred) the satin version, but i'd already gotten my Vela before they came out. :( I'll have to get my satin fix with a Std. 24 S2!
  6. Therinx

    Forum Truss Rod Cover

    I'd be down for 1 or 2.
  7. Therinx

    Christmas NGD!!

    My wife just bought me a Martin acoustic for our 25th anniversary. All on her own. And it was perfect and i what i wanted. And then she asked me "I know you want another, but i'll have to save up for that, everything else you want is pretty expensive. In the meantime, let me know if you...
  8. Therinx

    Reverb.com Created "A Brief History Of PRS"

    LOL at the first comment in the comments section. There's always one….
  9. Therinx

    Star Wars...

    I remember my grandfather taking me to see the first one, at one of the only theaters that was running it, when i was 10. It hadn't become popular yet. We both liked it so much we went again. Then it went boom and started playing all over the place. And my grandpa took me to see it 7 more...
  10. Therinx

    Any jam night commando's?

    Blues are the best jamming there is. IMO. Also like second or third tier songs from popular musicians that people like but hardly ever hear live.
  11. Therinx

    Convincing the wife - How far is too far?

    Save the bonus, be patient, add some birthday money, christmas money, and put aside $20 a week (or more if you can) from your paycheck. By next year you could have a Core and be happy with no regrets. I used a Betterment account to save weekly and had enough to get the Vela i wanted within 6...
  12. Therinx

    How many of you guys actually PLAY guitar?

    I'm a living room player/jam with buddies occasionally. 10-15 hours a week. But if i was rich i'd spend a lot of money on guitars, and maybe not all of them would get played much. And i don't care what anyone thinks of that. I love music, i love guitars and i love playing them and even just...
  13. Therinx

    PRS Tone VS the other maor brands...

    My wife (who knows virtually nothing about guitars) bought me a new acoustic for our 25th anniversary. I have no idea how or why she selected this model (probably price), but she got me one of the Martin X models. These are the ones made of HPL, stratabond and richlite, with only the top...
  14. Therinx

    What is your deal breaker?

    I'm the opposite, my deal breaker is if a guitar is too heavy. I want mine between 6-9 lbs.
  15. Therinx

    Electro Harmonix Key 9 Pedal

    Some killer sounds in that, i like!
  16. Therinx

    S2 Semi-Hollow - Does this seem right?

    I don't think i've ever examined a finish quite that closely.
  17. Therinx

    Guitar World:PRS Guitars S2 Vela

    I've had mine for 3 months now and i haven't touched any of my other guitars since. I'm at work right now and i can hear it calling me...
  18. Therinx

    What´s this, Mr. Tremonti?!

    Looks a bit unwieldily for me. Not liking that lower extremity curved horn, seems like pointless weight.
  19. Therinx

    Vela with a difference...

    Nothing bad about more options, but i like the original bridge. It's part of what makes a Vela a Vela, imo.