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  1. Hopeful Sinner

    What are you listening to right now?

    I live in the Birmingham area, Brother Cain's hometown and have had the pleasure of seeing them play more times than I can count and it was always a great show, especially around the time just before and after the Seeds record came out when Roman switched to Bass and Dave Anderson came into...
  2. Hopeful Sinner

    The Song Title Game

    • Rain Dogs • Tom Waits •
  3. Hopeful Sinner

    The Real Holy Grail PRS

    Of all the guitars that have passed through my hands over the years, my McCarty w/ IRW neck still hurts the most.. It was just a special guitar for many reasons, feel, tone and she was a beauty... I put a set of 53/10s in and got my hands on a stop tail bridge with the brass inserts from a...
  4. Hopeful Sinner

    I wish PRS had made

    My dream machine was, and still pretty much is, a GoldTop DGT with a solid Rosewood neck... I do have to say the McCarty 594 is the sexiest thing I've seen come down the line since Kate Beckinsale in boxers and a tank top, so they beat me to the punch there, but a RosieDGT would certainly be a...
  5. Hopeful Sinner

    Forum Truss Rod Cover designs and votes

    Hello Mr. DeBlanc! Life has been insane the past several months. It's a long story, a few long stories actually, so I will skip it for now... But, I'm gonna try to come around more regularly now! Super excited about another TRC contest and with a little luck I will have an entry ready to...
  6. Hopeful Sinner

    Forum Truss Rod Cover designs and votes

    Man it's been a crazy couple months! Hope I'm not too late to get in on this action?
  7. Hopeful Sinner

    NEW Forum Truss Rod Cover Design Contest

    I really dig this...
  8. Hopeful Sinner

    Forum Truss Rod Cover

    I would love another shot at this with a new design... And I just can't thank you guys enough for all the positive words about the original design.
  9. Hopeful Sinner

    Forum Truss Rod Cover

    Wow! I've been away from the forum for a while so it was great to log in today and see this post about continued interest in the Forum TRC... I was super proud to have my design produced by the fine folks at PRS. I missed you guys!!!
  10. Hopeful Sinner

    NPSD: A Prickly Situation...

    Congratulations man, I dig it!!! When I first saw that one pop up on Brian's FB page I was blown away. Glad a brother was able to acquire her...
  11. Hopeful Sinner

    To Santana, or not to Santana...but to DGT instead????

    The DGT neck shape is like a hybrid of the current Pattern Regular and the old school Wide Fat in my opinion. Nice and chunky but not cumbersome. One of the most comfortable carves offered by PRS. If you haven't already, I would implore you to at least check out a DGT Standard. The all...
  12. Hopeful Sinner

    Dragon 1s vs \m/ pickups

    For that big fat saturated heavy metal/hard rock sound, you can't go wrong with the D1's in my opinion. Tonewise think Adam Jones/Tool or Jerry Cantrell/Alice In Chains. The \m/ pickups are a fantastic set but I don't think you'll be found wanting with your Dragons. I have a set of them in...
  13. Hopeful Sinner

    Push-push on a DGT

    I only have push/push pots on one guitar and I kinda like it but I prefer push/pull for the sole reason of muscle memory making it the easiest method for me. Consequently when that guitar visits the PTC next month it will be converted back to the standard PRS push/pull tone configuration...I...
  14. Hopeful Sinner

    Natural "10" (A Homecoming Tale)

    Beautiful guitar. Beautiful story.. Thank you for sharing...
  15. Hopeful Sinner

    Letting go of a PRS has never been this hard...

    If things go as planned my upcoming NGD will explain everything... She is a beauty though Les.
  16. Hopeful Sinner

    Letting go of a PRS has never been this hard...

    After much thought and many changes of mind, a couple nights ago I created a listing and offered as sacrifice my Paul's Guitar to the eBay gods. I've sold guitars before. Lots of them. I've sold PRS guitars before. But, for some reason, this one stings more than any other has before...
  17. Hopeful Sinner

    SE Mods

    When I bought my SE One I had the seller install a Lollar P90 before he shipped it but he included the stock pup in the case. After about a week with the Lollar, I switched out with the stock SE pup and never looked back. Very nice Soapies in the SE line. I miss that guitar. And I also...
  18. Hopeful Sinner

    It's got that sweet sound to it... McKorina!

    She's a beauty! I dig it...
  19. Hopeful Sinner

    Vela Sighting!!!

    I thought I didn't want one after the first images surfaced from NAMM. There were so many cosmetic question marks involved. Then, the Ewald video came out and completely blew me away! Such sweet tones from an odd bird of a PRS guitar... Gotta have one!