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  1. squirrel211

    What Are Your Favorite Amps To Play?

    Jumping in a couple of years late, but here goes: Tone King Meteor II - AMAZING reverb! Tone King Comet - This amp was home for many years, and I'm thinking about buying it back from the artist who bought it. I LOVE this amp. Tone King Majesty/Royalist - Mark Bartel made it for me as a sort...
  2. squirrel211


    I never figured out how to post a video, so I uploaded KJ receiving the guitar to YouTube shorts:
  3. squirrel211

    What Are Your Favorite Amps To Play?

    Hi everyone! Long time no post! My enjoyment of amps seems to be directly related to the scenario in which it's in use; I LOVE big, scooped-EQ amps when playing by myself. The more bass, the merrier! In live band scenarios however, I've leaned heavily on the upper-mid-focused amps to help...
  4. squirrel211

    Suhr Aldrich Pickups in Singlecuts

    I had an Aldrich in the bridge of my Cu24 for a while and LOVED it. I'm not really a "modern" sounding guy.
  5. squirrel211


    I'll let you know what he says; T-minus 2 hours 31 minutes.....
  6. squirrel211


    I was limited to basically this one, but the more I've looked at the pictures, the cooler I think it is! I kinda want a Fiore in this color....
  7. squirrel211


    My friend Kentavius Jones (killer artist) is turning 40, and tonight is his big birthday party. I got him this for his birthday, I can't wait to see his face!!!!:
  8. squirrel211


    I just replaced my amp with a Line 6 HX Stomp. It was tough sledding initially, but it has grown on me. I'm really digging it now! I still need to organize my presets/snapshots; I'm twisting knobs like crazy at shows when I get to certain songs, and I can't find the preset I made for it...
  9. squirrel211

    An Awesome Modeler Would Be...

    I bought the HX Stomp in Mid-October, because I had enough of carting around my handwired, PTP, version of a now-out-of-production JTM/Plexi inspired boutique amp to shows where we are playing on docks above the Chesapeake Bay or Atlantic Ocean, and people spill beer on it. I'm still fiddling...
  10. squirrel211

    Bryan Ewald tomorrow night...

    I'm in MD so I won't be there, but you're in for a treat!
  11. squirrel211

    PRS Factory from 30000 feet

    My stepmom had the same later-in-life development. It wasn't and issue until my little sister was born. I wasn't afraid of flying or racing until my first son was born; then I suddenly had a fear of both.
  12. squirrel211

    If You’re Good With What Ya Got...

    Les, you can have my whole rig. I am WAY disgruntled with my tone as of late, and my kids have kept me from practicing, so I haven't been playing all that well either!!!
  13. squirrel211

    PRS Factory from 30000 feet

    I ran across the bridge in the annual 10k Across The Bay, in 2016; nothing to it Bodia! BTW, if you REALLY don't want to drive, there is a service at the base of the bridge that drives you across. My dad's wife literally CAN'T drive over the bridge because she gets overwhelmed with fear; she...
  14. squirrel211

    Pointy or Not Pointy... GO!!!

    With the new wave or comparison threads, I figured I'd post a PRS-topic one! (Probably a re-post) Pointy PRS headstock, or Santana/Ted/Acoustic-style PRS headstock??? Personally, I super-dig the Santana headstock!
  15. squirrel211

    The greatest guitar solo of all times

    Craig Ross on Lenny Kravitz's 'Sister'
  16. squirrel211

    Deep gouge in mahogany neck, should I repair it, can I repair it?

    LOL's!!!! I was recently thinking about selling that guitar and grabbing that Goldtop PRS DC22 Ted from Willcutt, but when I thought about that gouge on the neck, I actually remember it fondly! I've been playing my Crook T-Style almost exclusively since I got it, but I think I'm going to put...
  17. squirrel211

    Deep gouge in mahogany neck, should I repair it, can I repair it?

    My kid hit my PRS CU24 with a piece of metal and put a very similar gouge into the neck at the bottom of the neck, between the 3rd and 4th frets. The gouge was actually into the rosewood fretboard, right on the shoulder/corner of the fretboard. I don't notice when I'm playing, so I just left it!!!
  18. squirrel211

    Something in a FedEx Box... (edit: Sergio gets the White Westie)

    I needed a pick-me-up, and this thread delivered! I remember how excited I was to see Sergio get the axe... It was like Christmas!!! I hope you're melting faces Sergio!!!!!
  19. squirrel211

    Super Eagle III?

    In Blue Fade......
  20. squirrel211

    John Mayer Signature Amp - The J-MOD100

    With the stage volume requirements we face today, the J Mod being quieter probably isn't a bad thing. It sure is curious though!