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  1. jdto

    An epiphany.....

    @Lola the "other guitar player" is also a member of this forum I think a little bit of positive and honest communication would go a long way to resolving these issues. We've known each other for several years and I know sometimes you say things in the heat of the moment out of frustration, but...
  2. jdto

    Facebook: "PRS Guitar Owners Worldwide" What do you think?

    I did not particularly like the guitar, so I just scrolled on by, rather than post "hate".
  3. jdto

    Re: Strat-itis Silver Sky?

    You didn't like the sound with the recommended settings, so you adjusted them to where you thought they sounded good. I didn't paste it as if you "hadn't read it or understood it", I pasted it as emphasis that you need to go with your ears, not what it says on any website. I understand...
  4. jdto

    Re: Strat-itis Silver Sky?

    Soooo...low enough to where they sound good to you?
  5. jdto

    Re: Strat-itis Silver Sky?

    So low compared to what? It seems like they are only "so low" compared to your expectations. Do they sound good where they are? Go with what you hear, not with what is on a website. The PRS guidelines are a starting point, nothing more. From there, you need to adjust them up or down until they...
  6. jdto

    Re: Strat-itis Silver Sky?

    This part tells the story. Season to taste and you’re good to go.
  7. jdto

    Facebook: "PRS Guitar Owners Worldwide" What do you think?

    I like looking at the pics and occasionally get a laugh at the drama, but overall I tend to scroll past most of the posts.
  8. jdto

    SHOW ME YOUR 594.

    It’s our cottage up on Lake Huron. Log exterior and pine panel interior.
  9. jdto

    SHOW ME YOUR 594.

    My 594. I’m still gassing for a McCarty burst Soapbar 594 to complement it.
  10. jdto

    Do you play guitar Professionally or for Pleasure

    Definitely pleasure.
  11. jdto

    Weed Day

    Uruguay, actually.
  12. jdto

    How many on here use modelers like Axe FX III/Helix/Kemper?

    Helix LT and Powercab Plus here. I just got back into it this past week after selling off a Helix rig last year. I had a really nice amp and pedalboard, but I missed the versatility and ease of swapping, as well as the volume control, of the modelling rig. It’s a lot easier to satisfy amp GAS by...
  13. jdto

    594 Soapbar Thread

    I have an SG with some great-sounding P90s in it. I love the sound and the SG is a pretty comfy guitar with a decently fat neck, but the 594 feels like it was made for me (which is kind of funny as I've heard that from a lot of people who try them). That neck profile is something else and the...
  14. jdto

    594 Soapbar Thread

    Man....serious GAS attack with these! Am I'm still in the honeymoon with my regular 594.
  15. jdto

    Pickup height adjustment..SOOO critical!! Everyone shoud do this...

    Good suggestions in here, for sure. I've been finding my 594 a touch boomy on the lower strings and I haven't yet messed with pickup height, but mostly played with amp settings. Pickup height is definitely on the agenda for tomorrow.
  16. jdto

    Guitar Picks

    I use the Bluechip TD60? (1.5mm) with acoustics almost exclusively and on electric I go between the Dunlop Primetone Grip 1.5mm, the Ultex Sharp 2mm and the Gator Grip 2mm. All teardrops.
  17. jdto

    Poll: How Many More PRS Guitars Do You Need?

    Thanks for fanning the flames of GAS :D I just recently picked up the regular 594 in black gold wrap. It's a phenomenal guitar and I love it. I can only imagine that the Soapbar will be amazing, as well. I will likely check one out in the near future. I have an SG with P90s that is pretty...
  18. jdto

    Poll: How Many More PRS Guitars Do You Need?

    I'd love to get the McCarty 594 Soapbar. That would do me for a looooooong time.
  19. jdto

    Main Differences $2000 PRS vs Gibson?

    The Classic actually has a Slim Taper neck, which is on the slimmer end of Gibson's spectrum. Specs on Gibson's website for the 2017 Classic: 0.800" at the nut (PRS Pattern Thin is listed as 25/32" or 0.78125") 0.875" at the 12th. The LP Trad is fatter at 0.818"-0.963" (PRS Pattern and Pattern...
  20. jdto

    Violin Amber SB Non 10 594SC special Order with BRW FB just arrives at GTRMAV

    Excuse me while I wipe up this pool of drool. Wow!