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  1. AAT

    What year SE 245 to buy?

    Unless you are going for strings lighter than 008 or heavier than 011, or a wound G, or use non-standard tuning, then the old non-adjustable ‘lightning bolt’ bridge is just ideal as-is. You can get intonation as good as you’ll need it, it’s comfortable, and it’s simple and robust. I’ve not...
  2. AAT

    The SE 245 love thread!!!

    I love the looks, the playability and the sounds of my SE245 (it’s been with me for 5 years now) but the control setup drove me nuts in the end and had to be simplified... now it’s perfect!
  3. AAT

    SE Mods

    Uglification continues — some nice cheap white plastic plugs to fill holes where I moved switch & knobs around, and the PRS knobs replaced by gold Tele-style knurled knobs. Basically all my guitars now have the same simple master vol / tone and 3-way switch arrangement — much easier for my brain...
  4. AAT

    SE Mods

    I really wanted to move the switch as part of this change. I might put a coil split switch into the empty pot hole at some point...
  5. AAT

    SE Mods

    I've had my SE245 for 5 years now. Beautiful to play and to look at of course... but I've made 3 mods to it over time, which all make it a much better guitar (for me!). 1) Pickup switch -- turned 90 degrees so it goes forward & back not up & down. I do this on all toggle-switches now: more...
  6. AAT

    New Member. Want to be schooled!

    Good find. Those core Miras are fantastic - in fact apart from a McCarty or maybe a good CE22 it’s really the only PRS I especially want. I’m constantly on the lookout for one with a Pattern or Wide Fat neck and one of the natural wood finishes at a decent price (& if one appears when I have...
  7. AAT

    C Chord my way

    I was taught to play C this way back when I were a kid, but the logic was to get us using all 4 fingers from the start. Similarly we were taught to play E7 as 022130, A7 as x02223 (no barring either!), and although we only played G with three fingers (320003) those fingers were middle, ring and...
  8. AAT

    It's only 1/32 of an inch? Really?

    I feel the difference between the necks but I adapt pretty quickly. For me a fatter neck (the Wide Fat on my SE245) is most comfortable when playing a longer time, or lots of barre chords, but what I notice right away, and take a minute or so to adapt to, is the closer string spacing on a...
  9. AAT

    Anyone buy this lilac Mira?

    Wow! stunning guitars - the dark tiger-stripe especially. PS I assume, since I don't think the Mira ever had a maple neck option? I am quite tempted by the thought of one of the maple-top Miras (I have seen them on eBay and Reverb from time to time) but my personal preference is still probably...
  10. AAT

    Anyone buy this lilac Mira?

    They are unique and absolutely great guitars. I've got an SE245 and love that, I've played Core and S2 Custom 22s and S2 Miras and CE24s and a 408, but there is no doubt in my mind that the Core Mira is what I want to buy next - getting one (in a colour I like) by this time next year is my ambition.
  11. AAT

    Hanging around

    I've just gone the Hercules wall hanger route too, but I am lucky enough to have a solid block wall to put them on (I watched it being built so I know what's in there!), so some decent rawlplugs did the job. 3 out of 8 guitars now get to hang up, my problem is choosing which ones... and how...
  12. AAT

    Anyone buy this lilac Mira?

    Thanks Dusty - I hope a lilac guitar comes your way someday!
  13. AAT

    Anyone buy this lilac Mira?

    Did anyone here on the forum buy this lilac Mira (2008) from GuitarGuitar recently? http://m.guitarguitar.co.uk/Product/PX160313296029004 I got them to send it up to the Edinburgh shop and I came so close - it played absolutely beautifully, tone was great, and the price was good - but, shallow...
  14. AAT

    Too Hilarious Not To Share...

    Makes you wonder, what is Alex Lifeson doing to that slug? Or what is the slug doing to him??
  15. AAT

    Looking for my first PRS!

    SE Tremonti Custom sounds right for you so long as you are happy with the Wide Thin neck - the SE Tremonti and the SE245 have Wide Fat. Personally l only like the fatter necks, and I am happy with a stoptail, but it depends what suits you of course. Looking forward to seeing your NGD pics soon...
  16. AAT

    English Blues

    Good examples, Mike... but look at your own signature & avatar: isn't Bernie Marsden the living embodiment of British Blues?
  17. AAT

    Let's talk about Beer, man!

    I first bought this for a laugh because my wife was such a huge Iron Maiden fan back in the 80s/90s - but to my pleasant surprise it isn't just a gimmick,this a very nice beer indeed (we get it in bottles in the UK which, as any fule kno, makes it taste even better...).
  18. AAT

    SE/S2 PRS recommendations for someone that knows nothing of PRS

    Just head for a music shop and try them out. Even the simplest PRS SE's are pretty versatile, I think you could find one that does the sort of sounds you're looking for. I get a wide range of sounds from my SE245, I could not believe how crisp and snappy the bridge pickup can be.
  19. AAT

    Will the SE Custom 24 add anything to my collection ?

    My experience exactly. I don't have huge hands or a great reach but I find a fat neck much more comfortable than the thin ones - it's why I ended up with an SE245 instead of an SE Tremonti Custom or a Navarro for instance. Barre chords definitely feel better for me on a fat neck. I'd take a SE...
  20. AAT

    NGD: finally, a core PRS in the house!

    thanks... Yes, it plays like a dream... the road to a Core guitar starts now I guess!