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  1. DRM_777


    No Emil Werstler SE Siggy. :( Aw well, maybe next year! hehe
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    Why do we go gaga over Flame Maple tops?

    Probably the same reason we like to stare at boobs.......they are awesome to look at!
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    Pretty Songs

    This in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful songs ever. I'd actually like this played at my funeral. Gives me goosebumps everytime.
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    Big News from UK

    Oh, I hope so too! A Euro Merch store based in the UK would be awesome! I too balked at the quote for shipping on the American store when I was gonna buy some stuff. Needles to say, I didn't bother!
  5. DRM_777

    Perfect pitch

    I seem to remember a story that Vai or Satch, (I forget which one) used to go to sleep with headphones on and that in the middle of the night a tape of a tone at 440Hz would play while they slept which helped them develop perfect pitch..... I have no idea whether this is even remotely true...
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    Big News from UK

    Very cool!
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    Capo, Capos, Capo's?

    *sniff sniff* You guy's smell that? I am getting a distinct whiff of a troll.....
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    New Chimaira Track! - Emil Werstler playing his PRS 7 String.

    But it should be noted that Rob is only writing and recording with SFU. He is not part of the touring line up. He is also working on new music for his project The Elite and apparently working on something with original Chimaira drummer Andols Herrick. As well as playing for Fear Factory Matt is...
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    New Chimaira Track! - Emil Werstler playing his PRS 7 String.

    Oh really? Nice! I usually get a track or two emailed from Mark prior to album release but I've never had demo's sent. So jealous! Was in touch with my PRS dealer today to find out about putting a deposit down on an SE 7 but they can't take a deposit because they don't have a fixed price or...
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    Fretboard Sealing Polish recommendations.

    You are not wrong. The time saving is a huge factor too and couples in with the fact that I don't need as much items as before. I love that I can do everything I need to do with a couple of little squares of Gorgomyte and a cotton rag instead of Cloths for applying/wiping off Lemon Oil and the...
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    New Chimaira Track! - Emil Werstler playing his PRS 7 String.

    Loving this new track debuted at Chimaira Christmas 13. So awesome to see Chimaira using 7 strings for new music. I love Emil's 7 string which I am guessing is a Private Stock? However I noticed in pictures he was posting prior to the show, that it looked like he had one of the Whale Blue SE...
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    Cobalt Strings

    So looking back at my initial response in regards to the Cobalts I notice that it was the 12th December I put a set on. Well today, I restrung......with another set of Cobalts, but in all honesty, I didn't have to, the only reason I did was because I got Gorgomyte in the post this morning and I...
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    Fretboard Sealing Polish recommendations.

    I got the packs of Gorgomyte in the post this morning. Two weeks from date of order from the US to Scotland isn't too bad considering this was spanning the festive period. Did my PRS SE Cu24 first although to be fair, I could easily have left on the Slinky Cobalts for another week or...
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    Gun Safety at Home

    And there was me thinking "Gun Safety at home" was a contradiction in terms..... I mean seriously, is this the kind of discussion you want to be having in the light of recent atrocities at Sandyhook? It comes over as a tad insensitive to me, but then I come from Scotland and when the Dunblane...
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    Paul Reed Smith 7 Strings!

    If it's a toss up between a 7 String and a Baritone (of which I've owned) I'd go for the 7 String every time these days, simply because in my opinion, the 7 string is more versatile in terms of the regular shapes you play while still having that extended low range. With the Baritone in it's most...
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    What Irritates You?

    The thing that irritates me the most these days are boy racers. Dunno what you'd refer to them elsewhere, but here in the UK Boy racers are these lads who buy your average small car usually with a 1.2 litre engine and then spend 5 times as much as the car cost lowering the suspension, fitting...
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    Slant vs. Straight Cabs

    Umm, yeah I covered that in my main response........
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    If only there could be one....

    Ouch. I do not envy the position you are in to have to be getting rid of some lovely guitars!!!
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    One thing all your guitars have in common

    All my guitars, electric and acoustic, all have Schaller Straplocks and Ernie Ball Slinky's fitted to them!
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    Slant vs. Straight Cabs

    It makes more sense that you might be concerned about speaker positioning when only using a vocal PA but LSchefman summed up pretty much what my response would have been and probably better too. My only addition at this point is that if you're only using a Vocal PA then you're not going to have...