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  1. DuncanCE22

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Loved the film, as a huge fan of Waynes World naturally the part with Mike Myers mocking Bohemian Rhapsody had me in stitches!
  2. DuncanCE22

    My turn, Metallica vs. Megadeth. GO

    I'm going Metallica, there songs is some of my favourite stuff to play on guitar and listening to them really makes me want to play guitar. I remember getting home from Download Festival at about 2am and deciding I just had to learn Seek and Destroy right there and then. I have recently been...
  3. DuncanCE22

    Sabbath or Zeppelin? Go!

    It's a tough call but I'd have say Sabbath, purely because I've been listening to them for longer. It would be interesting to see if anyones answer would be different if the question was Page or Iommi?
  4. DuncanCE22

    PRS SE Stealth Series - Europe Only?

    Saw these at Andertons last week, and it pains me to say it but I really wasn't a fan of them in person, which was disappointing as I was really tempted to get the tremonti until I saw it.
  5. DuncanCE22

    Rhythm Players...

    Hetfield! as far as rhythm guitarists go he is somewhat of an idol for me. to the point when ever I learn a metallica song I don't even bother the learning the lead, the rhythm parts just sound so good and most importantly they're incredibly fun to play!
  6. DuncanCE22

    PRS Tours the UK!

    the first or second session? I was at the second one, was really insightful, not just to hear from Paul and Paul about guitar building but also to hear from PRSH as a business man, I too managed to escape without battering the credit card, although I did leave with serious GAS.
  7. DuncanCE22

    Why no PRS se McCarthy 594

    I asked Paul this on Saturday, he said that he doesn't want to do it yet, he said and I quote "he wants the 594 to percolate more as a model" I guess he means he wants it to be more established in the guitar market. hopefully that won't take long I can see a massive demand for a sub £1000...
  8. DuncanCE22

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Have been waiting to get my hands on one before I cast my judgement. before today I thought it was kinda cool, but I'm not a huge John Mayer fan or a massive strat player so I didn't think I'd care much for it. However today, thanks to the guys at pmt birmingham and the main man himself, I got...
  9. DuncanCE22

    Zach Myers Tuner Issue

    Need a little bit of help. My Zach Myers SE has developed a horrible rattle coming from the headstock area. it is worse when playing palm muting. At first I thought it was the Truss rod cover but I removed that and it was still there. I then noticed the tuner bushes/ferrules (whatever you call...
  10. DuncanCE22

    Bands that should've lasted longer...

    2 spring to mind. The first Mammal, I really enjoyed this band and had a chance to see them live, didn't take it and they split up after that tour. Only did one album but it was brilliant. The second is Sacred Mother Tongue. Terrific band, a lot of people may know the guitarist Andy James...
  11. DuncanCE22

    Famous Previous Owner

    I bought a Mike Mushok Baritone off ebay, drove 3 hours to get it and when I got there the bloke selling it told me he had put an EP him and his guitarist had recorded using the guitar. Half way home and stuck in traffic I decided to reach over and get it out to give it a listen. to my surprise...
  12. DuncanCE22

    NGD from Mark Tremonti!

    Awesome story! I love Marks guitar playing so it pleases me to hear he is such a genuine guy too. Also great to hear he is such a gear nerd like the rest of us too.
  13. DuncanCE22

    It Just Fits!

    I know exactly what you mean. Some guitars feel like a tool to do a job, others feel like an extension of your body.
  14. DuncanCE22

    PRS Pedals

    I'd buy an Archon overdrive pedal! I really like all these "amp in a box" style pedals. some of the Friedman ones are excellent. I know the pedal market is saturated, but I feel like it doesn't matter too much, its much easier to drop a couple of hundred quid (1 British pound sterling, for...
  15. DuncanCE22


    I've always liked Ben Burnley, I like how his lyrics are quite abstract. I've often interpreted a song one way then listened to it again and taken it a completely different way.
  16. DuncanCE22

    PRS MT15: Best of NAMM 2018 Winner!

    I'm not surprised to be honest I think every guitar forum I'm on is talking about it, every guitar retailer I follow on social media is talking about it. and to be honest from the videos I've seen I can't think of a high gain amplifier that even comes close. hope it is as good as it sounds on...
  17. DuncanCE22

    Yellow? Can you hear me?

    I love it!! it looks like it should be cheap and tacky, but it doesn't look cheap and tacky, well I know what I meant. is this a limited run specific to this dealer?
  18. DuncanCE22

    MT 15

    That's how I plan to get it past the wife. I want the cab too though, I think I'm going to need a very large backpack! Or perhaps I'll use the excuse I've been using with my LTD Iron cross for the last 2 years "it's a friends, he's just letting me borrow it"
  19. DuncanCE22

    Music vids that are funny...

    Basically every Mastodon video they've made, but I think these are my favourites.
  20. DuncanCE22

    Well There Goes the Resale Value of a PRS Nick Catanese

    I'd still buy one, probably remove his name though. Love those guitars. and too be fair I love Black Label Society, fortunately he was just a hired gun.