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  1. Rango

    RIP Forum member, Ruger PC

  2. Rango

    Just passing through... Usually on The Gear Page. ;-)

    Just passing through... Usually on The Gear Page. ;-)
  3. Rango

    I Got Married Over The Weekend.

    Sergio! As you know I don't post here much anymore but... For this I had to say... CONGRATULATIONS!:) :cool: OBTW... I might be back in the fold soon...I know BLUE :confused::p:cool:
  4. Rango

    WOOD LIBRARY 594 RUN #3!

    Tried to buy it but I was late :(
  5. Rango

    Private Stock Friday

    Nice to see the Friday Guitar Porn is still going.... What's up Sergio! ;) Apparently I'm a "new" member now....
  6. Rango


    Hey Sergio! I don't have any PRS anymore but I still have a Pic of my last one. JUST FOR YOU! :D
  7. Rango

    Public Service Announcement: Trolls

    Words to live by... It only leads to trouble. ;)
  8. Rango

    Do you suffer from G.A.S?

    DFD from the Guitar players CAMP SNOOPY! :D ...reminds me I could use some R&R at the Voodoo Lounge! :D
  9. Rango

    Let's talk about Paul Reed Smith, the man...

    I hope to have the pleasure of meeting him some day. That he "cares" really shows in the guitars he and his team in MD build. :D
  10. Rango

    The best PRS you have seen!

    From the Experience... I hunted for this guitar for a year. I hope who ever ended up with it enjoys it! :D
  11. Rango

    Lonely Is The Night

    Thanks for the fantastic lesson! :D You add real value. ;)
  12. Rango

    I feel like such a tramp !!!

    Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? My FBJ Paul's was like that... Destiny Enjoy her! :D
  13. Rango


    on the gear page? I would think a link is allowed - I wouldn't post price. ;)
  14. Rango

    Please go else where and troll.

    Please go else where and troll.
  15. Rango

    Guitar choice: lost, to say the least

    Perfect. Hard to go wrong here... I started looking at PRS and ended up with a P22 for my first. :D Good hunting
  16. Rango

    s2 as first PRS - what to buy

    I'd go look for a used Custom 24 - you played it and liked it - LOTS out there - check "The Gear Page" and "Reverb". Also check the dealer sites - check the dealers that post in the dealer section here. ;) For Classic Rock - be sure to play the family of (used) Single Cuts - Stripped 58...
  17. Rango

    Hunting a DGT! :D

    I'm on the hunt... And that's half the fun! :D John - that dealer still has about HALF of the run. ;) They keep catching my eye on their web page because they are a nice yellow...then I see the hard tail. Oh well.... :D
  18. Rango

    'Twas The Night Before The Hammer Of The Gods Came...

    Okay now I'm excited FOR YOU! Pictures as soon as you're able... ;)
  19. Rango

    Hunting a DGT! :D

    So I played a DGT.... and... I Looking for a used DGT flame 10 top or Artist with Old birds or Artist birds - Vintage Yellow, Reds, Blues (lighter colors) :beer: - not opaque or Tobacco...moons or dirt birds I wouldn't mind NEW but I think they are out of the budget at the moment...
  20. Rango

    Just got my first PRS!

    Nice! :D Welcome. :cool: