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  1. Aldwyn

    PRS Prototype Guitars

    Since this thread was revived... I also have the HBII Singlecut Center Block proto. It was the one used in all of the promotional shots too... sales advertisements and such. Here is a pic I took, and a pic with Howie Leese holding it after doing a demo with it at the Experience when it was...
  2. Aldwyn

    Happy Birthday, Shawn!

    A belated happy birthday, Shawn!
  3. Aldwyn

    Experience 2013 Face Thread

    From a pervious Experience. Hopefully the weather will be good enough to bring my baby with me again this year.
  4. Aldwyn

    Are You a Car Guy?

    Indeed I am. Some of you may have seen my Triumph TR6 at the Experience. (hopefully I never buy an amp at the Experience... I know it wont fit anywhere in that car!) AND, I am shopping for a new daily driver. I keep going back and forth between the BMW 5 Series, and the Jaguar XF-R. They...
  5. Aldwyn

    2004- 2006 513 Rosewood: Were all international ones Brazilian?

    My USA model (2005) is BRW, but does indeed have an IRW modcat.
  6. Aldwyn

    Versatility of the 513

    I used to play professionally, but I no longer play out, unfortunately. Maybe one day again, but for now, I am confined to what little time I can get in my little home studio. You?
  7. Aldwyn

    Can I show off my studio here?

    Holy cow!! That is badassed right there!
  8. Aldwyn

    worst NGD Ever!

    Hey, I had a NGD where a brand new Angelus SE Custom arrived with it's headstock snapped off! I tried to play it, but it just didnt sound right. :D
  9. Aldwyn

    3/4 Scale PRS

    Oooh... short scale bass could be way cool! And while I played a Mustang for many years, I am not sure I would go back to a short scale 6 string.
  10. Aldwyn

    Could Use Some Advice

    Change brings growth. Stretch your wings, and go for it!
  11. Aldwyn

    PRS Guitars: ? (New Slogan Thread)

    PRS: You WILL get laid...
  12. Aldwyn

    Most Flexible:

  13. Aldwyn

    Soooo....this happened Sunday...

    Oh, man... way cool! I am jealous! ZZ Top put on the best show I have ever been too, IMHO (Afterburner Tour)... great stuff.
  14. Aldwyn

    How do I ship this thing?

    This is what I do... And they have different sizes, too... bass/acoustic sized boxes, as well as standard! (so I buy each, just in case!)
  15. Aldwyn

    Okay, which one of you guys bought this?

    Ok, that's funny right there!
  16. Aldwyn

    Classic Headstock Vs. Santana headstock

    Classic. When you look at the classic headstock, there is no doubt if it's a PRS or not. Though my two favorite guitars at the moment (and have been for years) are my Teds... both with the Santana headstock! :-o
  17. Aldwyn

    Versatility of the 513

    My 513 BRW is the main reason I have my 305 Prototype up for sale! It covers those bases and then some. Awesome guitar, all around. It helps that I have a Tone King Metro as well. :D Anyway, to the clip... Amazing how different two mics can sound on the same cab. I tend to usually use two...
  18. Aldwyn

    Maxwell the Geico pig, yay or nay?

    Dig the pig... Hate GIECO as a company. Evil bastards!